Viva La Green Day!

Viva La Green Day!

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Hey my name is Ffion and I am originally from Britain,but have lived in Ireland most of my life until I moved to Melbourne a couple years ago. I love green day(obviously), mychemical romance and fallout boy.
went to a Melbourne concert on the second day(16/12/09) and It has been the best night of my life so far, I think it was even better that they played tons of old stuff cause I love pre- American idiot stuff! It was also pretty funny cause alot of people didn't no the words to the old songs so you saw who were the true fansVery Happy

My favourite song is scattered from nimrod and I also love church on Sunday, before the lobotomy, no one knows, brain stew, whatshername,basket case and anything where mike sings soloSmile

I'm not sure if I have a favourite member of green day cause I love them all so much! Tre is so funny and crazy and I love how he doesn't give a shit what other people Think meaning he can do what he likes and I admire him for it

billie writes songs that just define the era,his own thoughts and things we can relate to all at once with an unique voice to match.

mike is known to be slightly quieter but always has something intelligent to say while also claiming some of Green Days funniest and best moments I also love the fact he laughs at his own jokes!
Oh yea and there all HOT!Very Happy

I can't stop thinking about Green Day! They have some how managed to seep it's way into every aspect of my life. If I heat word even remotely related to them my heart skips a beat, I have listened to all there music on shuffle every day for over half a year, If I am thinking and doing nothing else, I think about them. I know stuff about them that is stalker worthy!
My friends say I'm obssesed, that I have a problem but I don't think it's a problem cause I don't want to fix it! They are infectious and il just have to accept my "condition".


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