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Don't roll that way.
What the hell?
It's like asking me if I like Justin Bieber. MORON


Hey hey, K's the name. I'm thirteen, I really love Green Day, I play guitar, I sing, I'm a girl, I have a boyfriend (love ya Sean, even if you'll never see this </3), I'm pretty tall for my age (5'5", like Billie Joe), I own 3 Green Day CDs and 2 MCR ones, I look through the vinyl records at every thrift store I see.

Favorite Movies / TV Shows

I love the movie Alien, Alien II, etc. They're really fun to watch on stormy nights, Smile. I also like paranormal movies (ghosts, not vampires). My fave TV show is The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon is so awesome, lol! Sometimes people tell me I act like him -_- Actually, I like a lot of shows but I can't remember all the names.

Favorite Bands/Artists

2) My Chemical Romance
3) Avenged Sevenfold
4) Coldplay
5) Counting Crows
6) Christina Perri
7) All-American Rejects

I love so many musical artists, I even appreciate some Lady Gaga or Katy Perry music. I'm not picky about what I listen to, I even listen to this ambiant-psychedelic band called The Orb. They make my skin crawl o.o but they're really cool.

Favorite Pastimes

I love to draw. My mom thinks I'm gonna draw graffiti on the house -_- but I love drawing it in notebooks so who cares? I like writing in pen, writing on Mibba, writing in general. I draw anime people and animals sometimes, but my best pieces are 3D graffiti art on paper.

I also like to listen to music. Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot albums, My Chem's Danger Days, and several other songs such as Move Along by AAR, Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard, and Mad World by Gary Jules fill up my phone.

I songwrite sometimes. Nothing serious, just fiddling about. Wink

I love chat. GSB chat, Mibba chat, INO chat, I love that chat board. I met some of my best friends on there and I will never regret the day my RealLife friend made me get an INO. Very Happy

Favorite Other Shit

Yeah, I curse. Shoot me, it's one of the most expressive things I do, and I don't do it to be cool but because sometimes fuck or shit or something just really fits the phrase.

I take vacations. I've lived in Texas, Alaska, and Colorado, and visited Hawaii, New York, Oklahoma, Washington, Michigan, and a few other states. I really wanna visit California so I can go to Christie Road, The Bay Area, and to see my friend Mardi.

I look up to Billie Joe Armstrong for most of my inspiration. His expressions make me lol. I play guitar because of him, I sing because of him and Gerard Way of MCR, and I listen to music he writes. But I'm not obsessed with him. I respect him, but I don't obsess over him. He's hot but he's Billie Joe, y'know, he's his own person.

You can call me Goth, you can call me emo but it seems all anyone ever thinks of me is cutter loser bitch with no life. I'm not Goth and I'm not emo, I'm punk and there is a difference.

You're an awesome person. You read all the way to down here, and my thanks to you.




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