Flag desecration

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December 22nd, 2005 at 01:04am
Spirit Of '77:
Okay, wow, it's completely pointless to argue on you with you because you aren't even paying attention to what I'm saying, you're being narrow-minded, and you're acting like I don't have the right to think you shouldn't be able to burn a symbol of freedom, patriotism, and what people have tried to so hard to keep safe. People didn't die fighting for freedom from Britian so some idiot who doesn't know how to VOICE THEIR OPINION INTELLEGENTLY AND MATURLY can burn a flag.
Anyone who thinks the only way to speak out against the government is by burning something, shouldn't be talking about politics because they aren't mature enough for voice their opinions.

Don't say i'm being narrow minded, don't say it's not a mature thing to do, don't say it's unintelligent, because you are wrong on all; and I can say as well that representing everything that you hold dear through STUFF, like a flag, is unintelligent, and immature, and a bad way to show your opinion. Why? Because, it's showing you are materialistic.
"you shouldn't be able to burn a symbol of freedom, patriotism, and what people have tried to so hard to keep safe."
Think about that, if that's what a flag represents to you...and somebody is burning that. What does this country, and it's symbol of 'freedom', patriotism, and what people have murdered millions to keep 'safe' mean to them? NOTHING, you show your feelings about this country by flying your flag, I show my feelings about it by burning them.
Understand? I am not a narrow minded person, I think very openly about almost everything. I see things about this from many aspects.
Any other things you want to wrongfully accuse people of? Rolling Eyes

besides, looking at from the other person's point of view (extraordinarygirl) would be considered to be MORE narrowminded, because she stands strictly on the side of the patriots and doesn't give any thought to the ideas of those who have other ideas.

oh how i love to point out people's hypocracy Very Happy

and jason's right. if the flag means that much to you, then you're just materialistic. burning the flag wouldn't take away any "freedoms" or any of that shit that you claim it "stands for". so what do we really need a flag for anyway? it's not like without the flag there is no constitution or anything like these people seem to think, so why even have it at all?

I kinda think burning the falg is not that good of an idea, not because it's not patriotic, or because it's a symbol of something people died for...but simply because it's very contradictory - if burning a flag just meant expressing that one idea you fight for, it would be fine, but when someone burns the flag they often unintentionally hurt the feelings of people that are just as patriotic. Of course, it's just a piece of cloth, but it's a very important symbols and it's natural for people to treasure symbols - we frame pictures, wear wedding rings, keep concert tickets and old toys. Expressing your ideas is great, but when people burn the flag of their own country they often don't realize that they express more than they wanted to.
And if we're going into calling people on hypocrisy - well, when someone says they burn the flag to express their ideas and don't care about whatever the fuck the flag stands for 'cuz it's just a piece of cloth anyway, wouldn't that be hypocritic? If it's just a piece of cloth and it stands for nothing, then what idea do you express by burning it? Why don't you go out and burn your bed clothes if it's just about burning a piece of?

I wouldn't burn the flag, but I wouldn't outlaw the burning simply because I don't think the right to burn the flag should be taken away. I just think when people burn the flag they should understand that this act doesn't make their ideas perfectly clear to people around. You might be burning the flag to show your patriotism, while to a lot of people this might look like you want to say you hate your country.
The whole idea of publically burning the flag is in expression of your beliefs. But what sense does it make when people can't see what exactly you are expressing. And if you say "I don't care what they think! What I think is what matters", then why would you even go out and burn the flag? You can quietly take a piss on on it at home where no one can see you and be happy about having expressed your opinion...

oh geeze. The flag means nothing to some people, but the fact that it's just so important to patriots, means a LOT to people who are against their country, you see? It's not what the flag means to them, it's what it means to the patriots.
anti-christ of suburbia
anti-christ of suburbia
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June 20th, 2006 at 03:42pm
its not the flag thats important to people, its what it represents. its very symbolic and whatever, so its like if you burn the flag, your against what it represents. theres better ways to show you opinion. besides, if your not careful, you could set something else on fire, like yourself.
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June 21st, 2006 at 12:07am
I don't know if I'd ever burn my country's flag, but if other people want to do it, it doesn't bother me. It's their right, and if that's how they want to protest, that's fine because it's peaceful.