This is infuriating!

On the GDA forum, there's a thread about what the Armstrongs and Whites are doing in New Orleans, and I can't for the life of me believe that there are people who have the audacity to say that Billie's only doing it because there are cameras around.

That is complete bullshit. He wouldn't be down there doing anything at all if he didn't want to be. That's ALOT of hard work he's doing, and he sure as hell wouldn't be doing it if he didn't want to be. I doubt it has anything to do with cameras, and I'll bet you the reason there are cameras to document it is to get people inspired to join up and help out as well! He's getting the word out for a good cause, and he and his family, as well as the White family are doing something absolutely incredible.

Not only has Green Day done benefit shows to earn money for Katrina relief, as well as other disasters and causes, but now he's down there literally helping to re-build homes with his own bare hands- and people have the nerve to say it's only because there are cameras!

It's ridiculous to downgrade what he's doing, because it is absolutely incredible and inspiring. It's stupid how people are finding any fault in it... at all.

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Posted on April 13th, 2007 at 03:12pm


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