maybe it ISN'T as safe as I thought...

Everyone says that Bankstown is like the least safe place to live.

I never believed them.
I should've.

It's hard to believe that drugs, voilence and danger is right below your very nose but in my case, I guess it is.

For the second time this week me and my friends have been harassed by random "wannabe gangster" guys.

They stole my glasses and I told my friends I didn't care and I wanted to go away, but they didn't wanna leave without a fight. I was like fuck it. They finally left when a guy confronted my friend and told her, "straight out, just leave. Just fucking leave and stop being rude."

For once my friends wish they listened to me.

You're only safe in a place like that if you have a pretty damn strong guy with you.

Only problem is, the only guys anywhere close to here are guys like that.

I hate having to go to our local shopping mall in fear all the fucking time. It really sucks.

I hate not being able to go, even to our front yard to get the mail without someone by my side.

I just want some freedom and this place is holding me back. It's not my parents fault for being over-protective, it's this place's fault.
Posted on April 17th, 2007 at 05:22am


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