Natural Depression Cure

...I think I've found me one!

I dunno if it works for others, but i'd been depressed for ages, and it may show in some of my recent blogs. But yesterday I actually caught myself thinking, "I love my life."

I was at soccer training, I got out I smelt the fresh (actually probably polluted) air and I ran so fast, probably faster then I've ever run before.

I just felt so free and I loved it.

I still hurt from how fast I ran. And then, I ran even more when training was finished without my coach telling me too.

My goalie-trainer was training me and I even trained with the other girls for a bit, and I Wasn't even as bad as last time when I had a fight with my coach cuz I was crap and couldn't do any better. One of my friends even complimented me for being so good even though I'm a keeper.

I was with all my soccer friends who are like my second family.

Even though I got bashed by the ball 100 times, I almost broke my ribs, I got winded twice and I'm still acheing from all the sudden excersize, it feels so good.

I went there in such a bad mood, but since then I've had a long and lasting happy hangover Smile All by a little bit of running and fresh air, days, weeks, months and years of depression leave me once again. Who knows how long it'll last for =P

Now I know. If I'm ever in a bad mood I just gotta find a field and run it all out of me.

The only problem is convincing my parents to let me out of the house...which reminds me of how much I don't like this stupid extremely dangrerous area that I live in!

I LOVE BEING HAPPY! I don't take it for granted anymore.
Posted on April 19th, 2007 at 09:25am


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