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Yup, another Blog, arent you lucky? I felt the need to write this because of Green Day releasing the John Lennon cover.

I havent heard all of it yet, but from what I have heard, it's good. I hope it strikes a chord with people and makes them think. Its also for a good cause and Green Day have always been forthright in advocating their stance on certian subjects musically. As have many bands.

Other songs that are poigniant to me are 'Imagine' by John Lennon. Not only it it simple and beautifully crafted, but it shows what John and Yoko wanted for this world; peace. Also his song 'Beautiful Boy'. It was featured in a film called Mr Holland's Opus starring Richard Dreyfuss battling with his son's disability. It was means more to me after watching that film. Simply amazing.

'Redemption Song' by Bob Marley talks about him growing up poor in Jamaica and the struggles he and those around him had to endure. It shows me how relatively easy Ive had things and not to take anything for granted. As does 'Talking Bout a Revolution' by Tracey Chapman, but she talks about people uniting and standing up for themsleves to make a change.

My Chemical Romance's 'Helena', 'Ghost Of You', and 'Cancer' deal with death and illness and what it is to lose someone. Because of these songs, Im not afraid of it. Im embracing it and it allows me to think about those that I have lost and how precious life is.

U2 and Green Days cover of the Skids' 'The Saints Are Coming'. The video showed exactly what I was thinking about Hurricane Katrina; more could have been done to help those that needed it and those who still do.

U2's 'One'. A beautiful and haunting song. Because simply, we re all One and we as human beings, as a society and as individuals seem to lose track of that.

Peter Gabrielle and Kate Bush's 'Dont Give Up'. This came out not long after the Live Aid, in a bid to show those who were suffering to have faith. Tell them people are helping and trying to put towards a greater cause and it will get better.

And some anthemic songs to me are: 'Im Not Okay', 'Minority', Pantera's 'Walk', 'American Idiot'...infact if I were to name them all, I would be here all day and you guys would be reading some epic novel. Fact is, these...all of these have inspired me, made me think, made me cry, given me hope, courage and faith. They made me believe in things and myself. Showed me that there are people who feel the same as I do and even help mould me as a person, as a woman and a human being.

Everyone knows we live in such a politically charged climate and these songs, if listen to and adhered to, could help us to make changes. Hopefully for the better.
So without listing all the possible reasons, what songs have meaning to you?
Posted on May 1st, 2007 at 06:16am


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