Another world leader scared to speak out agianst the war in Iraq, but this time hes from........France?

first of I am not French, so i cant say this is 100% true, but of what i know this is what i think......

France, The country that hates the American government, the country that thinks were a bunch of fat pigs, the country that knows that the Iraq war is a big fucking mistake..... Or so we thought?

Bush was among the first to congratulate Sarkozy on his decisive victory in Sunday's election against rival Segolene Royal, and the US press gave the election front page treatment. Sarkozy, in his first speech following the early election results, vowed that "France will always be by (America's) side when they need her."

What Sarkozy doesn’t realize is that France was brave, France was one of the countries who spoke out when they disagreed with the biggest superpower. Some countries thought the terrorists would bomb the shit outta them if they disagreed with the US because Bush would get pissed and not defend them, but not France. France is just one of those countries that when they get Pissed off at the USA, there is no shutting them up.

Im not saying France should not be a ally! we saved there butts in world war two, That was very kind of us you know but i doubt we would save there butts again. France has every right to be upset with us, I mean Germany doesn’t like the war in Iraq and most Americans consider them Allies today.

im not saying Jacques Chirac was great, he did some dumb things all world leaders do! but i liked that he spoke out. To bad this guy wont.
Posted on May 7th, 2007 at 07:48pm


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