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It saddens me that so much of you Green Day fans have never heard of Pearl Jam or Alice In Chains that is basic music knowlige.

Also Nirvana is a real band stop putting them with your little Fall Out Boy bands.

Fall Out Boy Bands get it?

Didn't think so.

I have to tell you all 15 things.

1.Hot Topic is not punk rock.
2.Fall Out Boy is not punk rock
3.They are not even rock they are pop
4.Green Day is not punk rock.
5.Clap your hands and say yeah is not indie.
6.Nickelback is not grunge
7.Liking My Chemical Romance does not make you an induvidual
8.Please go look "alternative rock" up on wikipedia so you can see real alternative bands
9.PLz Dont Talk LYK DIs I know You thInk iTz HXE and SXE <3 <3 and ThaT UR tHE SEXxxxxxxxx But ITZ so AnnoYingXCore ktnx bai <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxo
10.Hating disney stars will not make you punk if you are punk you whouldn't care about disney stars
11.Shopping at hot topic dosn't make you anymore non conformist then shopping at abercrombie
12.yes you have cool hair and you are totally scenexcore now stop acting like a 8 year old girl
13. If you are putting Nirvana with bands like Metro Station and Fall Out Boy Kurt Cobain is turning over in his grave.
14. yes its cool that you are straght edge now you do not have to infourm everyone you meet that you dont do drugs.
15. If you dont suffer from depression please dont say you do and please do not glorify it because depression is not fun.

I also know i apper to be a music snob on this site and that it appers that i think i am queen shit because i listen to underground grunge bands or dont where brand name clothing but i assure you that i have plenty of friends that listen to pop music and where brand name cloths i just dont like when you try to make yourself out as somebody you are not. I can actually be a somewhat friendly person if you talk to me at the correct time.

I hate alot of things, as you can see, obiously it whould take days to type everything i hate so here are a few things....


*Music Censorship
*When people stand infront of you during passing periods they are called passing periods not block freshmen and laugh at them period
*People who think they need to have the newist ipod/phone and if their parents dont get it for them then that means their parents dont love them
*Repubican politics although i suppose they dont have much influence in national affairs anymore as of janurary 20something.
*Fueled by Ramen bands
*Most Modern Music
*People who glorify depression/drug addiction
*Those "he went to jared" advertisments
*Advertisments that play with your emotions by doing something like putting disabled children in it useing the prodect.
*Pop up ads
*Clear Channel
*The christian right for god sakes Jesus was by todays definition a freaking hippie he shunned materialistic values and helped people
*Sell Outs
*When generation Xers get confused with me because i know more about their music then they do.
*Post "Grunge" bands like Nickelback that have nothing to do with grunge other then they rip it off (the Foo Fighters dont apply to this because they actually have something to do with grunge and are actually good)
*Prop 8 and all that shit

Here are some things i do like

*Flannel Shirts
*Frosted animal crackers
*The Pacific Northwest
*Guys with long hair
*our new ~president elect~ Barack Obama
*Free Stuff
*Hippie type people
*Early 90s grunge music
*Tye Dye


Pearl Jam
Alice In Chains
Bright Eyes
Elliott Smith
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Screaming Trees
Grateful Dead
Conor Oberst
The Pixies
Green Day (only like 3 albums american idiot sucks balls and their next one will probably aswell)
Crosby,Stills,Nash (& Young)
Nick Drake
Sonic Youth
The Beatles
Cat Power
Eddie Vedder
Foo Fighters
Violent Femmes
Meat Puppets

and some more that i really like but forget i like

A few more things

I tend to act like im stoned in person but i'm actually most likely not

I prefer to hate corperations that sell stuff i dont need

I tend to obbsess over things

I have spelling/grammar problems but they are gradually improving

I tend to worry about stuff

I collect rubber ducks

I have this wierd fasination with drugs/mentel illness/suicide but i in no way intend to glamorize it in any way i just find it interasting.

When I was in 4th grade i got suspended for a day because i wrote "BUSH SUCKS" all over the playground equipment.

I have little interest in fiction novels.

When i was in 6th grade i was looking though my dads cds and i saw the nirvana booklet thing and i thought the fact that Kurt flipped off the camera was the most badass thing in the world there for i discovered grunge music.

I actually shower like 2 or 3 times a week but honestly i dont see the harm in it if i dont stink

I tend to find irony in everything.


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