Personally, I believe soccer is the best sport known to man.

I can't pinpoint when I became obsessed and stark raving bonkers about it, but I've been playing since I was four.

I play Sweeper, or the very last player on the field, in the center. That means I'm captain of the defense and mid-field. Basically, I tell everyone on my team where to go and what to do, since I have the best view of the field.

I'm not going to lie; I'm a pretty good defender. I get to the ball fast and I'm not afraid to take it, plus I take all the kicks for my team.

However, I'm not the best player on the team. That spot belongs to one of my friends Alexa, who plays Right Offense. Then there's Grace, who plays Left Offense.

I'm not sure exactly what is so amazing about soccer, but I can tell you this:
When I'm playing it nothing, no one, exists except me, the ball, the opposing team, and my team mates. And the last two hardly matter, they're just the people I'm giving the ball to or taking it away from. I don't worry about anything or anyone unrelated to the sport. I don't even think anything except soccer, soccer, soccer.

Right now one of my teams is 4 - 0. This means we have four wins and no losses. We play again today, just like on every Sunday. Yes, even Mother's Day. They don't cancel this sport for holidays.

If we win all our games, our coach will probably take us to Italy. That would be so cool, since first of all, it would be a fantastic place to visit, and second of all, I would be with my team mates. I think we'd play in a tournament or something.

It's great, it's magical. It's soccer.
Posted on May 13th, 2007 at 09:52am


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