Guide to surviving early/mid teens

H'okay. Just a quick guide to surviving mid/early teen years

1. Parents are bitches. Yesh they do love you, but they have a funny parental way of showing it. They are also (in most cases) rather dumb, tell them what they want to hear and you will most likely get something in return

2. (for girls). most boys do not mature from 5 onwards(yes still facinated by their penis'), the only thing that changes is they realise what sex is. to them its like the new toy; they gotta be the first to try it & then brag to all thier mates. dont do anything with a boy unless you want to. regrets suck.

2. (for boys). Girls arnt stupid; screw one over and if she doesnt get you karma certainly will. & girls arnt all that complicated eiether, respect them and they'll give you the time of day.

3. school. teachers are like parents in the fact, you tell them what they want to hear, make them believe it was their idea etc etc and all shall be good. also most are impressed with words that have more than 8 letters; even though half probably dont know what they mean.

4. friends. all important, you cant survive without these people. someone you can bitch to all night and laugh with all day, call up at 2am when your in tears and prank at 6am the same night. though fights are common, just think at the end of the day, is saying sorry gonna hurt all that much? who cares if your right, in 5 years time? OH and never let a relationship come between friendshsips. relationships are fun, but dont last anywhere near as long as friendships. "a good friend will bust you outta jail, a best friend will be sitting in the cell with you saying "goddamned that was fun!""

5. days may seem bleak but theres always tomorrow. anythign that sems like its not gonna get better may take more time than this, but eventually you can sort things out, and if you need help, well you wont be the first, so dont be afraid to ask for it.

6. music = nessisity. or any outlet really, writting, drawing, music, talking, walking even, anything that clears your head, cause when your head is packed full, you register nothing and sit there oblivious to everything....and looking braindead with drool well thats....not

7. fun! you gotta be willing to let go sometimes. there are consequinces for every action; so where appropriate take a chance, for better or for worse eiether way at least you did what was right by you

8. be daring. go out on a limb, trying new things (even for just a day) can prove your not some hermit shut in thats afraid of the sun. may also open up new oppurtunities.

9. be confident. at all times. not cocky, confident. smile, hold your head up high, nothing is more attractive & nothing is better at making you feel good.

and fianally 10. be yourself, love yourself and dont change for anyone but you.

things i wish i had learnt earlier.
Posted on May 23rd, 2007 at 10:14am


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