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Teenage.Assassin and I decided to go post our predictions in a Blog, so it's my turn I guess! I'm also working on another Blog and it'll be done either tonight or tomorrow, too. I haven't read hers yet, so if this looks like a copy Blog or something, know that it's not and we both decided to post one! I just read the part when she talked about Luna and Neville, that's it. xD

Snape: Good or Evil?
I'm 95% sure that Snape is good, and 90% sure that he's loyal. The deciding factor for me? Dumbledore wouldn't beg for his life. I'm pretty sure that he talked to Snape about doing this beforehand - it was the thing that they were fighting about that Hagrid mentioned to Harry. Dumbledore's purpose was filled, and he realized that not only could he be a possible link for Voldy to get to Harry, but he is also aware that he can let his desire for Harry to be safe to overcome him. Harry needs to fight the final battle on his own. However, in the rare case that Snape WAS on the bad side, and I can only see that if "Severus, please..." might have meant for Snape to prize his loyalty to the good side rather than the bad. If that is the case, then I believe that Snape will have a redemption moment nonetheless. It'll come at a grave price, most likely his life, but I have faith that, if he's not loyal, then he is definitely good. He may not be on Voldy's side nor Dumbledore's side: he could simply be on Snape's side. That DOES sound a bit more Slytherin, doesn't it?

The Draco Factor
Draco is good. He hesitated to kill Dumbledore, and now he's in some deep shit. Regardless of Snape's loyalties, he's going to at least FEIGN allegience to Voldy, or else you can say a big AVADA KEDAVRA to all the Malfoys. He's going to help Harry in the end, but I'm pretty sure he won't die. Something bad's going to happen to Draco, and I think it'll be the loss of his parents. It'll be a big twist, won't it? Both his parents killed by Voldy, and now he's in Harry's shoes. After he loses his parents, he'll do a mutiny.

School will re-open. Some kids will return. Some kids won't. The trio won't.

= Regulus Black. He is dead. But, somewhere, he has the instructions on how to open the locket. And that will be by combining all the other three Horcruxes from the other Houses. Symbolizes inner-house unity and all that.

The Veil
It's how a person transcends into a world that is beyond the humanly. That's why it's in the Department of Mysteries, because no human can EVER possibly explain how or why it happens. You can't come back from the dead, so we'll never know what will happen when we die... until we die. That's the veil's symbolism. However... I've got no idea what will happen with it in book seven. Someone will go through the veil. I used to think it was Voldemort, but now I'm rethinking things.

"The Gleam of Triumph"
I got no leads. I once had an AWESOME theory about Dumbledore's gleam, and it was really good and believable! But I can't remember it. Sorry folks.

- The locket (confirmed)
- Nagini (confirmed)
- The cup (confirmed)
- The diary (BA-DA-BING!)
- The ring Dumbledore had (BA-DA-BING!)
- Something of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's (confirmed)
- ???

Alright, so we know about the locket, Nagini, something of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's, and the cup. "the locket... the cup... the snake... something of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's..." (HBP 636). JK said that we'd be able to find out WHERE at least one of the Horcruxes. And that's the locket that no one could open at Grimmauld place. The other three, there's no direct references to where they could be. The diary and the ring are taken care of, and then there's the mystery Horcrux. Let's tackle it piece by piece.

I think that the "something of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's" belongs to Ravenclaw; however, we have NO leads to what it could be so far. The mystery Horcrux is something that belonged to Godric, and I'm betting the sword. JK confirmed it's not the Sorting Hat, but a good guess. Then, you've got the Helga's cup and Salazar's ring. It makes sense, doesn't it? A Horcrux from each house. JK confirmed that the founders will play a role in the seventh book, and she also confirmed that Harry is not the heir to Gryffindor. Dumbledore also said that Voldemort "ATTEMPTED" to make Harry a Horcrux through his death, but that backfired and he couldn't do it since Harry survived. HARRY IS NOT A HORCRUX. I'll get into that later, I'm going to continue this later in the next section.

Character Deaths
JK's going for the main characters, she's said so. When we're in this deep, she's not going to be killing off random bystanders. It'll be the ones that hurt. She also said she gave one character a reprieve, but two other characters are gonna bite the big one. Pairs of characters won't go. For example, if she kills Fred, she's not gonna let George live. They live, or they both go. That's not like Rowling at all, in terms of her style. So I'm gonna go over each main character who I believe has a plausible chance.

Voldemort: Lolz
Snape: He's one of the guys who she didn't intend to die, but will die. One of them. Refer to what I wrote about him earlier.
Lucius and Narcissa: Goners. Check what I wrote about Malfoy.
Bellatrix: N-E-V-I-L-L-E. Or Voldemort. I'm not sure how Voldemort could kill her, maybe when everyone's fighting the final battle in the DEPARTMENT OF MYSTERIES he'll go run up to her and push her in the veil or something. xD I just know she's gonna die some really painful, eternal death.
Ron: I used to think he was gonna die. He's not. No one from the trio will die. If you notice, Ron has only been severely injured every odd-numbered book, so... thought that was pretty weird. He's gonna be in some pain making a sacrifice for Harry, but he won't die. Harry can't lose his best friend, and Hermione can't lose a future lover. If one goes, they all go.
Hermione: Replace "Ron" with "Hermione" in the last second-to-last sentence I wrote for Ron.
ALL WEASLEYS: Will live. They suffered enough with Mr. Weasley in book five, Bill in book six, and Ron will be the one who suffers in book seven.
Lupin: My favorite character, btw. Regardless, I believe he was the one JK intended to die, but gets a reprieve. I think he's going to be the Marauder who can live for the rest. Pettigrew will die through his debt for Harry. He's going to be happy with Tonks and the family he found in Harry, Hermione, the Weasleys, and the rest of the Order. That sounds right for him. JK probably intended him to die in the earlier books, because she probably would have planned out all the Marauders having some sort of cryptic death. But I think she's... rethinked it. Trust me on this one, I've got a good feeling, especially since the Tonks thing. She wouldn't have him killed off after that. Not her style. Then it's the "both or nothing" rule.
Harry: Will live. It's not like JK to kill off someone like Harry after all that he's gone through. He's not gonna pull a "Jesus," people. He IS, after all, the Boy-Who-Lived. And remember the rule: if he dies, then the whole trio's gonna die. JK's not going to flush all his character development down the toilet; all his sacrifices and what-not will amount to something.
Neville, McGonagall, and Hagrid: One of these three is gonna get the axe. I don't want to think it's Neville, he's my second favorite. I say Neville because he's going to sacrifice himself to save Harry and avenge his parents by killing Bellatrix somehow. I could see JK doing that... but that would be the most cruel and vicious death she'd have given anyone by far. I think that McGonagall has served her purpose too. And she doesn't sound right without Dumbledore. I only say this because it'll be her "last hurrah," to have her do something really awesome in a blaze of glory. I believe it's gonna be Hagrid.

Notice the themes in the people who have been killed the past two? "Black... Albus... then Rubeus..." Black, White, then Red, in the Latin translations. JK uses Latin with a lot of names, spells, and such. This fits in perfectly. Hagrid's name means "red." And there's been a theme with the last three books that fits in with an idea about alchemy and I'm sure it's NOT a coincidence. In alchemy, black = struggles, white = purification, red = completion. Harry had his "black" time in the fifth book - he was depressed and having some issues with Voldemort and was a pretty unhappy camper. And he lost Sirius BLACK. Then, Harry had his "white" time in book six. He began to accept things concerning his life, such as his destiny and Sirius' death. He lost ALBUS Dumbledore. Albus = white. In book seven, Harry will have his red time, because now that he knows what he must do, all that's left is to complete his destiny. Like Harry's mentors in the past books, Hagrid has always supported Harry from the start. Therefore, Harry will lose RUBEUS Hagrid in the last book. Rubeus = red. As sad as it is.

I'm afraid to see how long this is gonna be. Hey, I had a lot of theories! What can ya say? I also doubt that anyone will take all the time to read this. I can't believe I TOOK THE TIME to write this...
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