I really need to stop this, I cant just let the weather control my life!

This Is the weather forecast. For most people, that doesn’t mean anything more then how’s to weather is gonna be for the next few days, but not for me, for me it determents if I will have a good day...

When I was 3 my mom told me that thunder was the angels talking, and that lightning was the angels turning on and off there lights. That worked for about a year. After that I don’t remember much thunder, I could not care less about it.

It all changed when i was about 11, there had been a drought the last year. I cant remember much but i think we got about 3-6 storms that year. If you live in some areas that is normal, In many areas that’s even a lot! but in Chicago that is VERY dry. That drought ended one early spring night, and that was not a nice end, it was the loudest thunderstorm i had ever been in, now i wasn’t in Chicago at the time so im not sure what it was like there, but where I was it was awful.

I began to watch the weather constantly, freaking out when there was even a 30% chance! that calmed down by summer, until that "tornado" hit us. It was a fall night and i wanted to see if it was going to be cold the next day. Instead "tornado watch" (a warning meaning conditions are possible for a tornado to forum) popped up. That is not so rare, but for someone who didnt look at the weather that was horrifying pretty soon it turned in to a tornado warning, im not gonna bore you with what happened but i will just say although it did not hit us, It was the scariest night of my life.

Winter came, Chicago winters are very cold, so thunderstorms are not a councurn. however this spring i was simply so much more scared then ever. I am over the phobia of tornados, knowing that a tornado actually hitting us is unlikely, but thunderstorms still terrorfie me.

Im not sure if its getting better or worse, but im sure of one thing. I need to stop letting it control my life and i have been trying to do that for 2 years... so far no luck.

If you really took the time to read this thank you very much. Just writing this all down makes me fell better but when someone reads that it is wonderful, partly because most people are sick of listening to me rant about the weather.

and there you go, my longest blog ever
Posted on May 30th, 2007 at 05:11pm


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