How well do you think people with disabilities are accepted nowadays?

I am a wheelchair user and I think things are getting better for us but we're still not treated the same.

For instance, Alot of people dont talk to me, like, out in public. They'll talk to my parents or even my younger siblings but not me because they think I can't talk. I have a physical disability, so I am automatically labelled with a mental disability.

Another example is on Friday and Saturday nights, you can not book a wheelchair taxi because they're used for able bodied people. What?! Just because I wasn't born with the ability to walk, I won't want to go clubbing or to have a few drinks with my friends? That's ridiculous.

How do you react around a disabled person? Do you or your parents use disabled parking spaces if you dont need them? Do you use lift/elevators when you could easily use the stairs and save a wheelchair user waiting? What're your thoughts?
Posted on January 22nd, 2007 at 07:15am


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