Official Blog Guidelines

Blog Rules:
The blogs section of the site is moderated and all blogs are checked to make sure that they meet the criteria listed below. The author of any blog failing to comply with these standards will lose access to the section.

1.Blogs must be informative. The topic of your blog has to be something worthwhile and can’t be silly spam. The blah blah section of the site should be used for less meaningful subjects.
2.Correct grammar, spelling, and formatting is mandatory in blogs so that others can easily understand what you’re trying to say.
3.You need to put effort into your blogs. A two line entry about the color of your socks wouldn’t be acceptable for this section of the site.
4.All of the material you submit must be original; plagiarizing will result in being banned from the blog section. If you use quotes from an article or other source, provide a link as credit.
5.Profanity and obscene language is not tolerated in blogs, so don’t use it.
6. Blogs promoting hate against anyone or anything are not tolerated.

Category Descriptions:

This category is for all things relating back to you. You can discuss the events in your day, your philosophies on life, people or places that are important to you or anything else that is significant to your life.

This is one you should all be familiar with. If your blog discusses any aspect of GSB, it belongs in this section. You can discuss your opinions on the site, talk about the GSBians you consider friends, explain why you love GSB so much or whatever other GSB subjects you can think of.

Green Day
All entries related to the band that this site is dedicated to can go in this section. You can talk about Green Day’s history, why you love the band, how they’ve inspired you, or any other Green Day related ideas you may think of.

Album Reviews
You can review any album by any band in this category. When reviewing an album it is important to provide details and opinions in a way that won’t offend anyone or promote hateful comments. Some things you may want to include are the albums release date, the band that produced the album, track listing, song reviews, lyrical assessments and album art critiques.

Concert Reviews
If you ever attend a concert and want to share the experience with the rest of GSB, writing a blog would be an excellent option. Make sure any comments you offer on the concert are constructive. A few components you may want to include in your review are description of the venue, analysis of the crowd interaction, the concert date, and a review of the bands overall performance.

Band Reviews
If you ever want to discuss a band that you really like or even one you aren’t so fond of, this would be the correct category to include that in. When reviewing a band be sure that you’re respectful about how you state your opinions and do so in a way that isn’t offensive. Some things you may wish to include are a brief band history, description of their music, genre, any important facts about the band members, information on their discography, and whatever else is necessary to explain your views on the band.

Movie Reviews
This category is for offering your opinions on any movie you would like to review. As with all reviews, be sure that you’re polite and constructive when stating your opinion. Some things you may wish to include are actors or actresses in the film, the director’s name, type of film, release date, plot summary and information on the setting.

Book Reviews
You can review any books that you have read in this category. Be sure to constructively state all of your opinions on the book. Some things you may wish to include are the author’s name, the title, plot summary, type of book and why you decided to read the book.

TV Show Reviews
If you’re ever watching TV and feel inspired, you can review the shows you watch here. Make sure that your opinions on the show are stated in a way that won’t offend anyone. Some things you may want to include are information on the cast, description of the show’s plot, the network it’s broadcasted on, and whatever else you feel is needed to write a good review.

Video Game Reviews
All of you video game addicts can put your love of joysticks and frantic button pushing to good use in this section. Make sure that any opinions you provide are constructive. Some things you might want to include are graphic quality, the system the game is compatible with, description of the object of the game and what age group the game appeals to.

Those of you who enjoy debating government related issues will enjoy filling this category up with blogs. You can discuss choices the government makes, laws and regulations, politicians, upcoming elections and any other political subject you find to be important.

Music News
All of GSB’s music enthusiasts can keep us all up to date on the events in this musical world in this section. You can discuss upcoming album released, band formations and break ups, tour news, and any other important current events relating to music.

World News
This section is perfect to talk about any events occurring in the world that you think other users would like to read about. Make sure that you include enough information on the topic so that the reader of your blog becomes knowledgeable about the news event that you were discussing. Include information on the location of the event, people involved and the date the event occurred.

GSB’s athletes and sports fans will enjoy writing about sports related topics in this category. You can write about your favorite team, talk about the outcome of a game, discuss a particular athlete you are fond of, review a certain sport, discuss sports news, or write about any other sports related topic you can think of. You cannot make hate blogs about any sport; all entries must be constructive.

Personal Issues
If you ever want advice from other users on an issue you’re having, feel free to ask for it in this category. The personal issues category is for you to talk about any problems you’re having and the things that maybe aren’t going so perfectly in your life. This category has personal in the title for a reason, because the problems you discuss need to relate back to you. If they don’t, then your blog should go in a different category.

Instructional Blog
If you ever want to provide GSB’s users with a few tips on something, you can create blogs for that in this category. You can create your own survival guides to whatever you think is important. Make sure the instructions you provide and helpful and accurate so that those who read your blog can benefit from your advice.

Serious Subjects
For those of you who are interested in starting discussions on important subjects, this is the category for your blogs. You can talk about any topic that holds some sort of relevance to the various cultures in the world. For examples of subjects appropriate for this section, see the topics in the Specific Discussion forum.

This category is designed to contain blogs about art in all its different forms. Aside from visual art like drawings and paintings, you can also discuss language arts like writing and poetry. In order for your blog to meet the criteria for this category, you must explain your art. If you post a poem, you need to also include a description of that poem, what it’s about, or why you wrote it. If you post a picture of your drawing you can discuss why you chose to create it and the techniques you used to do so. You can also make blogs about why art is important to you.

If you aren’t writing a review of some kind or discussing music news, all other musical blogs belong in here. Some examples of appropriate topics include writing about any musical instruments you play, why music is important to you or even discussing any musical idols you have would be a fantastic topic choice. Don’t post song lyrics you have written in this category, they belong in the art section.

We’ve all been in school at one time or another and a lot of us still are, so this category is dedicated to school. You can talk about your favorite subjects, ask for school related help, discuss any problems you may be having with teachers, discuss the classes you’re taking or whatever else you may think of that is school related.

Blog with grammar help
Blog with correct poetry themed blog format
For any unanswered questions you may have about blogs, please visit our blog help topic on the message board.
Posted on June 12th, 2007 at 03:24pm


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