Funky Platypus gave me a bit of inspiration for this blog.

There's something about high socks, knee pads, and bumping a volleyball around that gives me an all time high. Spiking. I love it. Not only, can I make nonreturnble spikes, but, volleyball is a sport to vent out anger. I love it, I seriously do. I have had mainly the same team mates since fourth grade. It never mattered who we were, what mattered was what we became when we became a team. We were tough as nails. Intense practices, running, push ups, suicides. You name it, we probally did it. Not only were we tough, but we had enthusiasm. So, one of us made a mistake. Big deal. We still cheered our heads off for each other. It really paid off when we took home that first place division trophy. The perfect season. 13-0.
This was my last year apart of this team, because now I have to go to highschool. A few of the girls are attending my highschool, but, if of course won't be the same.

Volleyball is just a love hate relationship. Every athlete complains they just don't want to do it anymore. But, we all know, we're truly passionate about it.
Posted on June 16th, 2007 at 02:20am


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