Heroes: Courage & Independence

I decided to write some more about the amazing people that have influenced me, so this is a sequel to my previous blog Heroes: Will & steadiness.

Courage & independence.

This is a story about a women who has been very influential to me and right now, as I am writing this blog, her song One Draw is blasting from the radio. Rita Marley was born on July 25th 1946 in Cuba and has spent her childhood in Trenchtown, Jamaica. To a lot of you (if you have even heard of her) she probably only represents Bob Marley's widow, but to me she means a lot more. As you know, Trenchtown is one of the poorest parts of Kingston, and Rita's childhood wasn't easy. But things got better when she met Bob and her band I-Threes went touring with him. Rita already had two children to take care of and life with Bob wasn't easy. He had many relationships and since they were both Rastafarian it was against their religion to use contraception. Bob has 13 children and 3 born to Rita. I am amazed how this women could put up with Bob and his behavior, but yet she never was fooled around. She took care of all Bob's children and of Bob as well because Bob had a career and she wanted to help him. It was very hard for her, as it would probably be to every women, but she did it for the family. After time they had gotten separated (though never divorced), but Rita was the only women Bob loved and she had stayed with him until he died. After his death, Rita had a lot of trouble with the copyrights to his albums and their estate, but she managed to keep everything in right order, preserving people from taking Bob's possessions. It takes a lot of courage and strength to manage that and not to be selfish because she could have easily left Bob after everything he had done. She said that she wanted to keep Bob's message alive and she takes of every family business since then. She has also established the annual festival held every year on Bob's birthday, raised 13 children (hers were members of the The Melody Makers; Ziggy & Stephen also have solo albums), helped people in Ethiopia with her charity organization, opened a store with healthy food and also had a music career of her own. Only a very strong women can do what she has done. To cope with your husbands buzzes, to raise a family (all of her children are successful now), to take care of estates and businesses, to help others and have a charity organization and to do what brings you th most joy in life, music. I hope not to have as many troubles in life as Rita had, but to fight the ones that occur bravely as she did. I highly recommend her book No, woman, no cry to everyone for a better view on Rita because you will certainly be touched.

Rita with prince Charles, just to show you how important to Jamaica and Africa she is.
Posted on June 26th, 2007 at 07:30am


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