Arrested for Skateboarding

Ok, so I watched this video and I thought it was pretty ridiculous, These kids were skateboarding and this police officer came and tore a boy off of his board, threw him to the ground, and while he was on the ground, throttled him by his neck. Later on, he throttles another girl and boy and puts them in a double headlock that I hoped I'd only see in wrestling, not by a police officer on two children. I don't skate, but I think this police brutality is just not acceptable. He said it was because they resisted arrest, an disorderly conduct, but there was not a reason for it. Especially children.

You can say that these kids were in trouble before for skating on city sidewalks before, and that wouldn't even justify, even if the officer knew about it.

Wondered on your all thoughts on this.
Posted on June 29th, 2007 at 06:08pm


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