The Best Thing

That explosion was awesome. It lasted quite a bit. But still not long enough. It was probably the best thing that happened to GSB in a long time. That is why we should keep it going. We don't want it to fade away again.

Everybody suddenly had the urge to be like DFGKDGSDFJKH about Green Day again. That's how it always should be. I mean, Green Day must of had some kind of effect a lot of people on GSB, and Green Day is still a big part of some of our lives.

What happened was special to me and a lot of other people. It's hard to explain but I guess it just triggered that love for Green Day that was locked away and the we re-discovered the reason why we fell in love them in the first place. It was different compared to the usual Blahs... It was more sincere and less pointless. The people who frequently use the Message Boards might not know what I'm talking about, because this "Green Day explosion" thing happened mostly on the Blah Blahs (as far as I know).

That is why it was so special.

If you think we can keep this going, please TRY. If it's not worth it for you, then please don't put the ones who still really value Green Day's music down. We finally found a place to share our love for this band and it really hurts when people tell us to 'shut the hell up' or 'stop talking about Green day' on a Green Day FAN site.

What I'm trying to say is that a lot of GSBians really enjoyed what we had this afternoon. There were no Blahs about MCR and how sexy Frank Iero is or about FOB and how awesome Pete Wentz is (even though they both are great looking). We were all talking about the same thing, and that thing was the reason Dujo created this site: Green Day. :]

I am open to your comments.
Posted on July 3rd, 2007 at 10:46pm


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