Your Rights as a Human Being

There has been a lot of confusion about what are your rights and what are your responsibilities. There is also a lot of word slinging that worries me, not only as a wannabe Wordsmith but also as an (unwilling) citizen of the human race. Words like 'fascism', 'freedom of speech', 'dictatorship', 'abuse' and other such terms. So, in order to control my temper and to make a positive reaction to all this utter guff (Scottish word meaning rubbish but sounds way better), I have written this print-off-and-keep Guide to Your Rights as a Human Being and what your responsibilities for having those rights.

There are - sadly - differences in Rights due to whichever part of the world you currently live in. For example, if you live in the UK and you are any age, you cannot be sentenced to death but if you live in the USA and you are - again - any age, you can be. There are also a lot of fiddly, namby-pamby rules that are selected for certain areas only, like in good old LA, it is illegal for a man to beat his wife with a strap wider than 2 inches without her consent. See what I mean? This blog could go on forever and a day if I went through all the ins and outs of every little minor rule. However, I will use the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as stated by the UN to what rights everyone has and then the responsibilities that you gotta use with them. I'm not going to state them in the exactness as they are written but in a language more viable to understand and more clear.

1. All humans are born equal, with a mind to reason with.
2. All the Rights said in this act must be equal to everyone, regardless of whatever colour, gender, religion, ethic background, etc.
3. Everyone has the right to live securely.
4. Slavery is illegal in any form.
5. Nobody is to be tortured or humiliated inhumanly.
6. No matter where you go, you have the right to be recognised as an equal.
7. Everyone is equal under the law: protective or defensive or otherwise.
8. Everyone has the right to appeal to a higher court.
9. No one should be arrested, exiled or deported unfairly.
10. Everyone has the right to a fair and unbiased trial.
11. (i) Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
(ii) If you commit an offence whilst trying to prevent another offence committed by another person, you shall not have a heavier penalty.
12. Everyone has the right to privacy.
13. (i) Everyone has the right to live in a country and move within it
(ii) Everyone has the right to leave his or her country
14. (i) Everyone has the right to asylum in a different country to escape unjust persecution.
(ii) This is void if you are fleeing from unpolitical crimes.
15. (i) Everyone has the right to a nationality.
(ii) Everyone has the right to change it if they so wish.
16. (i) Men and Women of correct age have the right to marry and to found a family.
(ii) Marriage must only be agreed upon if both spouses want to get married
(iii) Families are the fundamental group in society and will be protected by society and the State.
17. (i) Everyone has the right to own property
(ii) No one should be unfairly deprived of his or her property
18. Everybody has the right to freedom of thought, belief and religion and can change any of these at their own liking.
19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, both of which must not be interfered with.
20. (i) Everyone has the right to peacefully assemble
(ii) Nobody should be compelled to join an association (i.e., don't like it, there's the door)
21. (i) Everyone has the freedom to participate in politics.
(ii) Everyone has the right to public services
(iii) Everyone shall have the right to vote in a democratic election
22. Everyone has the right to social security and to have help when they need it financially to let their lives be stable.
23. (i) Everyone has the right to work and to work in suitable conditions.
(ii) Everyone has the right to equal pay.
(iii) Everyone has the right to earn a living wage for themselves and/or families.
(iv) Everyone has the right to form and join trade unions.
24. Everyone has the right to relax and have holidays
25. (i) Everyone has the right to proper and fit living standards and proper adjustments for any need such as age, disability or children.
(ii) Children are entitled to Special State welfare and are equal.
26. (i) Everyone has the right to an education.
(ii) Everyone must be taught to get along with others
(iii) Parents have the right to choose where their children are taught
27. (i) Everyone has the right to enjoy and benefit from art, literature, music, science and other cultural stuff.
(ii) Everyone holds to right to have exclusive benefits from any work that they did.
28. Everyone has the right to a social and international order that is taken by their State and all the rights and laws set by this to be fully recognised.
29. (i) Everyone has duties in the community to allow everyone else's personalities to grow and develop.
(ii) Everyone must respect everyone else and must abide by the moral and social laws to protect everyone.
(iii) The UN cannot mess with this. Period.
30. Nobody can mess with these rules or set up a plan to do as such.

Got that?



Now you will understand that if everyone ignored 29. but went around saying their mind, people could get upset. Really upset.

That's your rights, in a nutshell. Basically.

So, let’s get onto those 'dictatorships', hmm? A dictatorship means you have none of the rights above. NONE. Zip, nada, zilch.

So now, go forth and let your little political minds be free without misusing over-used language with is so hyperbolic it's just wrong.

Posted on July 7th, 2007 at 08:09am


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