Cool! A blog! I've never used one of these before. What are they for again...?

No idea! Well, I'm hoping it's a kind of online journal thing. Don't blame the idiot...meaning me.

So, today... Well, let's just say the dogs weren't quite in the mood for baths. One was out getting his bushy fuzz chopped off, while me and my dad chased the other two around the house, try to catch them and give them a bit of a trim. The easiest part was giving them the actual bath. One look a a pair of scissors and *zip*! Bye bye puppy. Anywhos, we snagged them, trimmed their little faces, dropped them in sudsy water, and whipped out the hairdriers. We'd put them outside to run themselves dry, but it's a little below zero. Don't want puppy sicles. Try holding a wriggling Yorkie and a hairdrier at the same time, and expect to dry the dog. I got him dry, but I looked like I'd just taken a bath myself.

To end the day, we had three perfectly primped and fluffy puppies running around and me looking like I'd just gone through a field of rabid...somethings. Bite marks, scratches, and water stains. I looked wonderful...

The highlight, my mom had made her mouthwatering and heartburn enducing chili! Yey! Don't get heartburn! <3
Posted on January 27th, 2007 at 09:50pm


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