I'm A Fruity Pirate!

I'm A Fruity Pirate!
Belany Jane

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Well, I'm 15 and counting. But there's one thing that just drives people crazy about me. The timeless, "Your fifteen?!" Yes, yes. I'm am not average.

I'm under the average height. Meaning, I'm like 4'7 or most likely lower. It's annoying when people look at you like your a midgit. I'm not. Just that little thing called genes. I come from short people. It's not a illness. I wish!

I have a big family. And I mean big! I have 4 sisters and 5 brothers. I'm the youngest. Yippie... I'm the proud aunt of 19 toddlers. I have to share a room with the older ones. My parents died a long time ago. Dad before I was born and mom when she had me. I live with the sibling of mine that's closest to my age. She's 18. What's that? How old was my mom? Uhh... 65 I think.

I am a classic fiend! I love the mello sound of a french horn, which I play, the shrill of the picilo, and the ever low moan of a chelo. But that's not my main thing. I love PUNK! I live for it! I play the drums, I sing, I write! Plus I have a band. Yesh. I'm a punk in a way myself. Being surrounded by them is nice sometimes. First hand connections to lots of things. I've even had the chance to see Green Day. They are my idols. You can't help but love them! Yes, the godfathers of punk!

I'm just your everyday average punk. I have dreams and hopes, no matter how broken and far away they are. Keep yours whole. Your life's better then mine! ::wink wink, nudge nudge::

P.S. and my picture is one of my many puppies. Bandit, he's a Yorkie, in his vampire outfit. Cute, huh?


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