So... [A few months later]


It has indeed been quite some time since I have even been on. What can I say? The extremes of school and a job suck your free time up like a shop vac. Right? Right...

I have jumped to a new highlight for me current...obsession. Since I always have my face glued to some kind of screen and doing something that involves my hands, I have done a back flip and landed to write those side cracking and eye bugging crack fanfics for Organization XII. I'm such a geek. But I can't help but love Kingdom Hearts. It's fun to poke at Goofy and smash solid black things with a giant...key.

So. We have finally came to the conclusion that Scooby, our youngest yorkie, is indeed a Yorkie-poo. ::shiver:: Poodles are mean... But when mixed with the perfect amount of yorkie, they make the cutest looking things! <D Well, as I was saying, Scoobster looks like a black bear cub or a dust mop. Which ever you want. Let's just say, he is about 8 inches wide and 5 of it is fluff. Yeah...

I just wish everyone a wonderful summer. I have a car. An 84 Oldsmoble with enough rust to eat through a tank. Kinda. There's no trunk an acount of the rust, the seat belt buckles in the back are just rusty chunks, the seat was stuck scooted back as far as it goes, and considering my height issue, it didn't work well.

opps, got off topic. I tend to do that. I type like I talk. Right. So, have fun sweating to death under that good old happy sun and don't get cancer. And to the band people. Make sure you wear a swim suit top for the chicks and no shirt at all for the guys. Along with enough sun screen to coat China. My bud has a tuba tan line on his back. Lesson said.

Posted on May 21st, 2007 at 08:40pm


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