my mother.....}:-[


i am so pissed off right now. my mum is being the biggest bitch EVER.

heres the story...

it all started when i got my mid-year school report. it turns out my science teacher gave me the wrong mark, so my mum told me to go to my teacher and talk to her about it, so i did. and then my mum just wouldn't frop it. she was yelling at me for not going to see the teacher about it again, she was calling the school. and then the holidays came, and i totally forgot about it. which was a good thing for me. but my mum just didn't give me a break. and straight after the holidays were over...straight after the first day of school, i got in the car with my friend and whats the first thing she says? "wheres your report?" not even a hello. there was no talking for the rest of the trip to drop off my friend. and straight after my friend got out of the car, she starts going off her nut.

she was going to call the school again and stuff. but at the beginning, when i first brought it home, she said she didn't want to make a big deal out of it...but now shes made it such a big deal that i just can't be bothered with it anymore. shes making me dread soming home every evening. sometimes i wish i could just stay at school, which is really weird because i hate school.

the other day, my friend asked me if i wanted to come to a MCR concert with her, and that the tickets came on sale this i had to ask one of my parents. i wanted to ask my dad, but he came home real late, so i had to ask my mum. she went bezerk! it wasn't even funny. and now shes putting me down saying that i never do anything for anyone and that i never do anythig from the heart, and that she can't even go shopping with her because i hate everything she likes. which brings me to something else she did to me.

i went to my friends 16th birthday party, and she had me ad some of her other friends over at her house for the night. we got really bored so we started just talking and they started doing my nails because they were really short and grubby. and when i got home, my mum was really interested in the party and what we did because she saw my nails. if it was anytihg else, she wouldn't have looked twice. and that really pisses me off. the only reason she was interested was because it was something she was paining me to do. i have to yell at her to listen to me any other time.

sorry for taking up your time if you're reading this. i really needed to let it out.
Posted on July 18th, 2007 at 12:19pm


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