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Tegan, 15, hi. =]
Well I live in ireland with a family that tries to be normal but it ends up a mess...XD
I'm a very straight person, If your boyfriend leaves you, I won't get your hopes up and say that he'll come back. If your dog dies, he's not coming back either. So yea, i'll try help people and help them get over things and comfort them, but I wont lie to make them feel better.

I like giving advice, and helping people. I'm a very social person. I like to think it gives me some purpose. Not in an, "Oh my gawsh i'm worthless!" way. But I only have one life, so i'd like to make it count and not just for me.
I also can be very reserved... I like my "me-time". But I'd like to think there's a god with me too... Or a higher power or something... Someone who's listening and who cares who won't judge... But i'm not 100% convinced... A confusing place to be I suppose.

I can be very hyper. =] It's my way of expressing things and having fun. I like to be immature too. Not in an obnoxious way, just acting like a kid with my friends.=]

I'm a very deep and sensitive person. I get very emotional sometimes at things, but I'm still reluctant to let people hurt me. They can live their lives while I live mine, and if they get in the way of my life, then I'm not going to entertain them by hurting.

I'm sometimes an attention seeker. Sometimes I like being in the spotlight, and people knowing my business, and knowing me in general. But other times I like to hide things away from people because I'm afraid they won't understand, or I'm just not in the mood to talk at all...

I'd like to be a counsellor or work with people when I get older. Learning about people, communication, and helping people with their problems. I love knowing that I'm helping someone and having an impact on their life...=]

So that's pretty much me, you can pm me or something if you'd like to talk.

baibaiz =D


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