Hurricane Katrina- 2 year anniversary of hitting New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina was the most expensive and one of the deadliest hurricanes to hit USA. It was the sixth-strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded and the third-strongest hurricane on record that hit United States. Katrina started on august 3rd 2005. it hit many places including Alabama, Mississippi, and flordia. And effected most of the united states and even as far as canada. Damage was reported all across the country. But the most severe damge was in New Orleans Louisiana.

Tomorrow at around 7:40 am ( new Orleans time zone) will be the anniversary of Katrina hitting new Orleans. The effect of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, was catastrophic and long-lasting. Winds where about category four or five, though power outages prevented mesuring exact wind speeds. By August 31,eighty percent of New Orleans was flooded.

One of the most sickening things was the looting and violence, people had took advantage of the damage. Of course many where simply trying to find food, but many carjacks, murders, and rapes where reported. Another disturbing thing was the governments slow response, many people remained without food, water or shelter for a while. Some even died of thirst and exhaustion. FEMA was widely criticized for there slow response. Others helped however, Over seventy countries pledged assistance, even Cuba and Venezuela, who we know have leaders that don’t seem to be big fans of the USA. Even poor countries and Countries like Sri Lanka, which was still recovering from the Tsunami, offered to help. Many other organizations such as American Red Cross helped. But despite all that the responses where still slow, and many remain homeless from Katrina.

I wish all the victims of the hurricane good luck and they are in my thoughts, I hope that the government has learned there lesson and will be more prepared next time a disaster as devastating as Katrina hits. They are in my thoughts and I know many other people are thinking of them as well.
Posted on August 29th, 2007 at 04:26am


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