No Kiddies, It Isn't All Bush's Fault

You know, I am honestly and truly scared by the lack of knowledge possessed by (some) Americans about how the US government functions. How many times do you hear or see people absentmindedly hating Bush? I'm definitely no supporter of the Bush administration, but that doesn't mean we can blame every single problem in the entire world on him and him alone.

Believe it or not, the US has not one, not two, but three branches of government! And believe it or not, every single idiot and moron in any office was put their due to our votes. But you know, no one will ever say "Hey, I made a mistake in voting for him." Or "Hey, I didn't raise awareness of other candidates." Instead, we pick out a scapegoat and blame, blame, blame. Not every productive, sorry to say.

First off, if you blame Bush for declaring war, you're wrong. The Presidential position is part of the executive branch, and the executive branch cannot declare a war. They can propose legislation to congress, but congress has the authority to declare war. And do you know what? They did! But, how often do you hear that "congress" has mad a mistake? Hardly ever, it's always placed on the president because no one knows how the freaking government works. That agitates me so much, I mean if you're going to hate someone for declaring war it would be nice if people would hate the right person!

On top of the legislative-executive conflict, I don't even think half the population knows what the Judiciary branch is. They probably have heard of the Supreme Court, but I'd be surprised if they could list all of the duties and powers that the Supreme Court has. Did you know that the judiciary branch could have easily declared the war unconstitutional due to the fact that it wasn't a formal war declaration? But did they? No! And how many people do you see criticizing the Supreme Court? You don't, because they're too busy blaming Bush.

The point of this blog was to not say that Bush is innocent in all these matters, because he isn't (far from it..) He initially proposed the war, but my point was (almost) no one tried to stop him, and now those people are being viewed as if they've done nothing wrong. You can't accuse Bush of being a "dictator", honestly that's pretty disrespectful to the countries that were or are under forced rule. We're spoiled, and we're the ones messing that up for ourselves. He didn't do anything by force, he had support, lots of it. Look at polls after September 11th and you'll see that the majority of the country did want to go to war. Is that true now? No, and those people need to get out of their blissful state and realize they screwed up too, not just the president.

Now that elections are coming up, Senators and Representatives are lashing out at Bush and calling him reckless, but where were these strongly, opposed emotions 6 years ago?The balancing and separation of powers would have made it more than possible to speak out against the war before it happened. But, the media likes to throw all the focus on the president. Typically, he's viewed as the "US Spokesperson", and that doesn't have to be a bad thing. But just because he's viewed that way doesn't mean it's ok for everyone to forget that other people are at fault too.

All I can say is that if Americans keep up with this scapegoat and blame attitude, the 2008 election is going to be scary. People are going to make irrational choices for all the wrong reasons and they're going to neglect important facts. It's time to stop blaming and start thinking for once.

Coolio Alrighty, rant over.

Note: I know a lot of you, including me, are not old enough to vote. I say "we did" or "you" meaning Americans in general. I'm also not calling anyone stupid, I'm sure a lot of you did know this stuff, you're in the minority that do.
Posted on September 6th, 2007 at 04:35am


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