I feel sick...and have confidence issues...how bout you?

I've got confidence issues. I keep having to remind myself to look into the mirror, and realize that I'm absolutley equal to every single other person on this planet. I've been at school for 4 days, and I hate it so much I started feeling sick. I don't know if you can get sick from being extremely upset or stressed out but if you can I've got the stress-flu badly.

I'm not stressing about school or school work I'm stressing about the people there. Everywhere you go, people bitching about you or something. When I'm at home for a coupple of days I remind myself that I'm equal to everyone else, even those try-hard sluts - but when I see those people again I feel like fucking dirt.

Call me anti-social - but honestly, that's what I think I am. Well when you've grown yourself up and have been home alone for your whole entire life it tends to happen. And it's just my personality.

I'm so confident when I'm on my own but people can break me down so easily. Especially when they don't know me and judge me just for the sake of being 'cooler' then me. I don't think that's cool. I actually think looks quite desperate. But of course, I'm too much of a fucken retard to stand up for myself.
Posted on February 3rd, 2007 at 06:14am


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