Polexia vs. P.E

I have never liked P.E, I remember hiding in the girls locker-room in 4th grade, I remember that time in 3rd grade when I hid under the table the whole period. I remember faking that I broke my toe in 6th grade and not doing my homework in 7th grade hoping I could pretend I didn’t have time and beg them that I could do it during P.E. I have never been the one to skip class, as much as I have always hated math or science, but I always have tried to get out of P.E.

It got worse when I started the 6th grade, the P.E teacher was really strict and made us run a lot, we had all these push up tests and people would run up and ask me what I got. I didn’t tell them, but they knew I did badly. I always thought it was so boring. I got used to it, but not it’s happening all over again.

However, this year I have gotten really sensitive to the heat, we have P.E outside when it’s warm, and the gym is really hot when we have it indoors. I almost always end P.E overheated, with a headache and felling somewhat dizzy. On those cool rainy days where I could enjoy it it’s indoors, I am pretty sure running in 95 degree humid weather (it’s cloudy, but the sun finds a little cloudless spot to beat down on you.) is more hazardous to your health then running in 68 degrees with a little sprinkle, but apparently the P.E teacher don’t agree. It only makes it worse that there is no shade and that we are not allowed to go get a drink of water until the end of class.

The Gym teacher doesn’t seem to like me very much, when my lock broke he pulled my gym shorts out of my locker and threw them away, he put everyone else’s in the lost and found. He has done this a few times, he tells all the other kids he is going to do a “clean out” but he doesn’t tell me, he admitted to taking mine when he was at a meeting with my mom, the vice principal had actually told him to stop, he did for a few weeks but started again. He seems to be found of yelling as well, if I’m exhausted from all the running or a have a cramp he yells at me to keep going and get up, I can fall down and get hurt and start crying and he will keep calling me to get up and keep playing. He has told me that because I’m a “bad student” (he thinks my dislike of gym means I must not do well in any other classes, when in fact my grades in some other classes have been going up very quickly) means when I am late for gym I am late because I have been harassing people or smoking or something. When I have never done any of that. I am in fact looking for the gym uniform he threw away.

Yesterday I had been told to sit out of P.E, I don’t know why but I suppose it was a good thing. I was reading in a room and another kid had came in and asked me what I was doing, I told him that I wasn’t supposed to go to gym today and I had no idea why, turned out he had a lot of the same issues with the gym teacher as well. This made me wonder if anyone else did, I had thought to ask people but people tend to be scared of him. I wanted to write something for the school newspaper or make a petition, but I am pretty much the only one who is not scared of doing that. It would be nice if people had more bravery.
Posted on September 29th, 2007 at 06:43pm


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