Columbus- not a man to be celebrated

Columbus did not discover America, we all know that. But do we know what he really did? In 5th grade I checked out a few books on Columbus from the library, one of those books changed the way I think about him forever….

Columbus did not set sail to prove the world was round. Many educated people knew the earth was round thousands of years before Columbus. He set sail to find gold, spices, and silks, and other riches in Asia. Columbus landed on an island between Florida and Cuba, though no one is sure exactly what island it was. Columbus believed he was in Asia even after three voyages to America and more than a decade of study, Columbus still believed that Cuba was a part of the continent of Asia, South America was a island, and the coast of Central America was close to the Ganges River.

Columbus was not even the first white man to settle in the Americans Scandinavian Vikings already had settlements here in the eleventh century, and British fisherman most likely fished in Canada decades before Columbus. The first European explorer to thoroughly document his visit to North America was the Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) arrived in 1497.

So he wasn’t very bright and he didn’t really discover anything. What did he do? Well He seized 1,200 Taino Indians crammed as many onto his ships as would fit and sent them to Spain and sold them as slaves. His marauding band hunted Indians for sport and profit - beating, raping, torturing, killing, and then using the Indian bodies as food for their hunting dogs. Only after four years of Columbus' arrival his men had killed or exported one-third of the original Indian population of 300,000. Within another 50 years, the Taino people had been made extinct.

Therefore by celebrating Columbus day we are celebrating a man who committed genocide, was a slave trader, and a very bad person, personally I think that we should celebrate Indigenous People's Day instead of Columbus day, therefore people can use it to be more educated about Columbus day and pay respect to the Indigenous People of America.
Posted on October 6th, 2007 at 05:05pm


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