Reality and Fantasy Borders are Blurred for Me

Okay, so, I think I'm losing interest in Death Note (a manga I've been obsessing about for a while).
Which normally wouldn't be a big problem for me, but I've becomeso lost in it that I don't know how I'd function without wondering how L (Or Light....Or Misa...or some other character) would react to something that's happened to me, or just to me in general. I remember once that my sister insulted Fruits Basket, and she tried to make up for it by saying "I know it's very real to you, but it isn't to me."
I think the manga I read becomes too real to me, so that I think that the characters are actually people I can talk to or look at.
I live in my head too much, and I'm kind of sick of it,
but I don't know how to live outside of my imagination.

I'm sorry if this could be considered a Blah Blah.
But I'm so confused.
Posted on November 2nd, 2007 at 03:33am


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