A How To Guide On: Make-up.

So, we've gone through clear skin, the next step is make-up.
I think Make-up just makes people (or me) feel more comfertable about yourself.
But, you often see alot of people with slighty tragic make-up and you just want to run after them with a flannel.
Everyone has their own style that suits them, but let's just get a basic simple style that suits everyone.

The Foundation:
I reccomend Pure Make-up, as it is water based and doesn't clog your pores as much as oil based foundations.
Use a good quality foundation, not something you got at the $2 shop or ICE. You don't know what funky chemicals they put in $3 foundation.
When you apply it squirt the foundation onto the back of your hand. Use you middle finger, smoothing downwards (as that's the way the hair folicles on your face go) on the cheek section near your nose. Apply over eyelids, cheeks, chin and the section between your lips and nose, applying it to your nose LAST. Don't put foundation on your forehead, that is the section of skin that balances the skin tone. Allow 2 minutes or so for it to dry.

Powder and Blusher:
I don't suggest a compacted podwer as it could make you look a bit cake-faced. Use a loose powder and apply with a powder puff all over your face, even eyelids and fore head. Once you done that, use a wide make-up brush over your chin, nose and forehead to prevent major shine-adge.
For blush pink a browny coral pink colour, not bright pink, dark brown or really pale pink. Apply with wide make-up brush from the apples of your cheeks (the bits that go big when you smile) to your temples in one big stroke. Darken to your liking.

STEP AWAY FROM THE SMUDGY EYELINER, RIGHT NOW! I find that there's nothing worse than seeing a girl with the 2:30 eyeliner smudge, leave the eyeliner ALONE, just for one day, please.
Apply a creamy coloured eyeshadow almost up to your eyebrows with an eyeshadow brush. Don't put on too much, because or else you'll look silly. Next apply a medium brownish colour along the very bottom of your eyes, blending it upwards.
Next use mascara, I reccomend Full and Soft. Use about 3 or more coats, focussing on your outer lases (the ones that stick of the side of your eyes) and making them look really long.

Use just a chapstick or a little bit of shiny lip gloss, not alot or you'll look silly.

That's the basics.
I think you should try it one day when you're at home doing nothign before you wear it out or to school, just for pratice. It takes alot of practice. Btw, this is my actual make-up routine.
If you don't get it right, just wipe it off and start that section again.
If you do try it, send me a picture pleaasse!

I also hope to do blogs on hair, healthy eating, etc.
Posted on November 16th, 2007 at 09:41am


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