Shunned and Proud

This is a poem my late brother wrote when he was a little older than me.

It really is pitiful
When no one is an individual.
When someone decides what they do,
By what everyone else says is cool.
From waht they do and what they drink
To how they feel and how they think.
And if you're different you're isolated,
Looked down upon and sometimes hated.
And so you're careful to follow the "rules",
And continue following the look-alike fools.
How does it feel to be a trendy drone,
While MTV and Gap are sitting in the throne.
Changing your values like you change your clothes,
While society pimps you like robot hoes.
At first it may cause you a little pain,
But it's really much better to be against the grain.
But as with most things there's two sides to the token,
There are some rules that should never be broken.
If you don't them for yourself,then it truly is too late.
You're too far gone to change your fate.
But for me, I'll always prefer to stand out in the crowd.
I'll always be shunned and proud.

Live 4 Die 4, Beau Shaver
Posted on November 17th, 2007 at 03:56am


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