Hair Part 2: Cuts and Colours (Part one)

Nextly, this blog is on hairstyles yes? you pwn at hairstyles. you have like, the coolest hair on gsb that ive seen..dujo comes in 2nd compared to you. - vonny

Finally, yes, finally, Part two! As basic guide to shedding that generic cut of yours and turning your hair into a beautiful bird of paradise!
You now know how to care for your hair properly, so with your shiny bouncey hair, let's get at it with a pair of clippers and a tube of bleach, shall we?

Do's and Don'ts:
DON'T go into the hairdressers with no frame of reference or else they cut away your hair, telling you 'What's Hot' and you'll come out looking like every other side fringed, straight, shoudler lengthed hair girl in your grade. Bring in a picture, do you research and give them a basic description of what you want.

DON'T DYE YOUR HAIR BLACK! At least not perminatly, you'll regret it at some point. My hair was black (mind you, it made me look like a right tosser), and it's my biggest hair regret. It took me SO MUCH time and alot of money to get it blonde once more.

DON'T get that emo cut, with the huge side fringe that coveres the entire right side of your face, with the spikey bits and the top and back. No, just no. Don't do it.

I'm going to get all technical on you with my cuts, okay? So, don't freak out at my 'hair lingo'.

The Tiny fringe: Much like what I 1st had. (My actual hair)

Do: If you've got good eyebrows, have a small face, have an oval shaped face and a clear forehead.
Don't: If you have a longer face it might make you look like a pony (Neigh!) or a really round face.

Full Fringe (My actual hair)

Do: If you don't wear your fringe back, Have straight hair, like the alternate electro look. Goes best with a cut that's straight at the ends and not many layers.
Don't: If you have curly hair or don't own a straightener, Pin your hair back often or get a sweaty forehead.

The Side Fringe (Hair of the beautiful Beej)

Do: Like easy to maintain hair or have a longer forehead.
Don't: Get a massivly long silly looking one you never cut, Get one that looks like a beige cube on the side of your pretty face.

The Slightly Confused Fringe (My actual hair)
It's a side fringe, no it's a tiny fringe, but it's slightly to the front! WHAT IS IT?

Do: If you have the same qualities of the Ting Fringe.
Don't: If your hair is black.

The Whispy Front/ Sideish Fringe (Once again, the loverly Beej)

Do: Same as tiny or side fringe
Don't: If you have curly hair or don't own a straightener.


Short hair
When you get it cut short, they should chop upwards ( feathering) or use a razor (texturising) this adds body and edge, instead of having that bob cut look. The ends should be un-even then you hold it with your index and middle finger. There should be more than two layers to your hair. The ends should be thinner than the rest or your hair. If it doesn't have this, ask for your money back.

Medium Hair
They should cut with crocodile scissors (The spikey brush looking type) in a downwards fashion. They should add a small amount of texture and you should have no more than 3 layers. Make sure they don't leave it flat at the top. If it doesn't have this, ask for your money back.

Long hair
They should cut with regualr or crocodile scissors. The ends should be either un even or straight, depending on what you want. They should cut off ALL the dead or split ends, it should be thinner and thinned out more towards the bottom. If not, ask for you money back.

That's all for now folks!
I'll have part two on Cuts and Colours up within a few days.
More on colour, you've pretty much got cuts down, I asume.
Leave me comments and Pm for further hair advice.

Btw, I fxcking love my hair. <.<
Posted on December 6th, 2007 at 10:39am


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