GSB Anniversaries.

First blog EVER so yeah :]

We've all been here for some period of time.
An hour, a day, a week, a month, etc. it doesn't matter.
Or does it?

I recently experienced my 2-year GSB anniversary, it was awesome.
But what's so great about being on some fansite for two years?
Is it due to the fact that so many people we liked got banned or left?
Or is it because it gives us a sence of accomplishment?

A GSB anniversary is the date of the day you joined.
I joined November 8th 2005
My one month was December 8th 2005
My one year was November 8th 2006

GSB is a place that brings people together by means of what we like, Green Day. Yeah some people grew out of their Green Day obsession, it happens. What can you do? GSB may be a Green Day place but that's not all we talk about, we get to know peoplemore and more everytime we talk to them(we bond). It's human nature. Over time these bonds get stronger, or weaker, depending. And we get attached.

But that question comes up.
Why is it important?
From personal experience my GSB anniversaries gave me a huge sence of accomplishment. I didn't let some peoples negativity get to me and make me want to leave. Or I didn't do something stupid and get banned.

No one should brag about how long they've been here in this blog, or feel bad for their smaller numbers.


p.s. Slappy is humpable

Posted on December 14th, 2007 at 12:54am


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