I Am Legend

Based on the Robert Matheson Novel about a man who is supposedly the last human on earth...

Directed by Francis Lawrence (Constantine)

The whole story takes place 3 years after the initial outbreak with Robert Neville(Will Smith) and his faithful companion dog Sam living out their days alone in New York trying to survive and at the same time hoping for other survivors. The outbreak is caused by a virus called the Krippen Virus(KV) which was intended to cure cancer. The virus instead killed roughy 90% of the world's population, turning the other 9% into "Darkseeker's" (creature's similar to vampires and become more savage and wild like as time goes on) and the remaining 1% being immune to the virus.

I never really read the novel nor watched the older movie adaptations so I can't really compare them, but what I really loved about this movie is that its different from other similar movies such as Romero's hits "...Of the Dead" series, instead of trying to destroy his enemies, Neville actually wants to find a cure to it all since the virus is manmade. Their are some moments that really touch you and kinda want to be his friend, he is in fact alone but their is a moment that in a way ruins the mood of the film in which he actually meets another human being, but I won't spoil it that much. Will Smith really captures the feeling of isolation and being the last man on earth, with humorous touches, the "darkseekers" I wouldn't say that they're that scary or terrifying or anything but I will tell you that they definitely make you feel not wanted and the flash backs leading to the outbreak of the KV is easy to follow.

Final Score-
5 out of 5
Posted on December 18th, 2007 at 09:15pm


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