Ahh I'm bored and angry angry angry. I'll talk about things that make me mad.

+ PE. WTF, America? This is just systematic torture of overweight kids who hate exercise. All the gym teachers do is sit around on their big old fat bottoms and huff and puff into their ancient whistles. And their dumb as rocks. I cut gym 9 times this year and my teacher hasn't even noticed. He's an idiot. He's like a shriveled up red potatoe head who smells like sweat and has what looks like sweaty pubes for his remaining head hair. And he makes me participate....what if I don't want to? Why should I have to? It's not like gym actually has any impact on your health. How is it beneficial to my future career or ANYTHING for that matter? It's just so the dumb jocks can get at least one A on their report card and the victims of physical education can get D's. Like me. PE will be stopped, it's cruel, and EVIL.

+ Gay Marriage. WTF, America, again. WHy can't they get married. Why can't the christ humpers give up control enough to allow people their basic human rights? If you ask me, religion has intertwined way, way too much with politics, I mean, come on...
there is no excuse why two people who love each other can't get married. (BTW, don't argue with me about politics because it makes me really mad and I ususally blow up in peoples faces when they try to get me to argue about it. I got detention in civics for calling this snob republican soemthing inappropriate when whe got into it about abortion. )

+ Republicans. I'm not going to get into this, my hate burns so deep for this class of people I'm not goint to waste my hand energy.

+ Fergie

+ Parents spoiling their kids. Hase anyone watched sweet 16? Ugh, that show makes me so mad. Those little peice of dog S*** get whatever they want and their parents support their horrid behavior. By doing this, their creating a whole other generation of monsters I'm going to have to deal with in years to come. Why? I'm poor, but I have family, a roof over my head, food to eat, and clothes and thats all I need.

Sorry, I have alot of anger built up in side of me.
Posted on December 23rd, 2007 at 04:58am


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