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So, I'm just going through my tracks album by album to see if I feel any twang of love for this band anymore.

I used to be that 13 year old that was like ZOMGZ I WANT TO HAVE MIKES BABIES.

Then I started getting into music that is so far away to what Green Day is, and I just stopped listening to them.

The ironic thing about it is, I stopped listening to them just as I started going to Gilman (924 Gilman, that one place. Yeah). I guess I thought I was too good for them. Man, I was lame.

I remember when Edge was still here. Former PMB members might know who I'm talking about. I was so crazy about pants-ing Mike. Now I can't hardly stand the kids on there. I only recognize a few names from the past, but I doubt they know who I am, considering I was under another name (Spastic Society or SS).

Now this site censors you? What the hell is wrong with free speech? I guess it's because all these 11 year olds need some dignity.

I hate that the Moderators have to be so anal about getting off topic. Why can't they just let people talk? Jeez.

I'm all for people giving me answers to some of my questions. It's cool.
Posted on December 24th, 2007 at 04:18pm


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