We're Outlaws, Yeah!

We're Outlaws, Yeah!
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Heyy, I'm Maria [UltimaEsperanza_x]. A lot of you probably won't know me but Kate does and that's all that matters (:
Kate is my bestest friend ever and I can't imagine it ever being different.
Some people laugh when I tell them I've never met my best friend, but to me, the fact I've never met Kate and she's still a better friend than everyone I know makes her all the more awesome ^_^
She's one of those people who can make you happy when you feel terrible and make you even happier when you're already happy.
I don't even know how me and Kate became just great friends, I guess we jsut "clicked".
Our waving competitions, our constant playing of the YMCA song on msn, our synchronised lipsil blowjobs, "Ned" the spelling mistake guy person thing
and "I can hear you breathing"...a joke invented while attempting to record a radio show are only a tiny amount of the things that brought us so close together.
When I finally meet Kate we shall push sheep down hills:
[drawn by Kate]
And we will [although I hate to admit it] go to my old school and see my old ICT teacher who Kate wrote a kinky sex letter to...containing the phrase "I want you to stick your floppy disk in my hard drive"...need I say more?
At this point I should probably go on about Teddy / Elliot Minor, but sadly I don't know that much about them *shockhorror*
All I know is webcams keep ending up in Kate's bed and desks are being masscred because of ALL THE HOT SEX BETWEEN TEDDY AND KATE.
Anyway, I should stop writing because otherwise you will all die of reading too much, but in summary, Kate is the most awesomest and sexiest person ever. Check out her sex face:

Hi there. I'm Old Gregg Sir Nuttylot.

Kate is an extra speckle person of the top order, the female equivalent of Teddy Hetherton (but with better taste in haircuts) and one of my bestest friends ever. I've enver met here... but whatever, seriously, it's just adding up to make the first time we meet hazardous to the rest of humanity an Elliot Minor stalkfest interesting. She's completely nuts about the aforementioned Teddy and indeed Elliot MInor, to the point of finding out where their house is and also owning their phone number (but she so lovely she'll share it with me ^_^) She lives too near them for me not to be jealous, and is the creator of the Noel Doll *dies of terror* She is the creator of my name Con and can live in my wardrobe if she likes (El's in the sock drawer Razz) She writes the bestest stories everer, and enjoys prank calling numbers she made up (which is fine as long as you don't ask for Ollie). She invented Alison and Edwina, for which slash fans truly love her, and speaking of slash, she writes the sexiest Wink I'll never forget lying on a beach with my stepmum standing overhead and the one thing everyone heard was Kate shouting 'BLOWJOB'

Teddy would be a hot sheep Wink

And her profile doesn't have enough ED in it!


And this, Kate, is for YOU!


Good evening!
Or morning. I don’t know, time travel isn’t my problem.
We have a pretty bloke in a pinstriped suit for that sort of kerfuffle. ; )
This is Amanda typing. Or, Angelic Fruitcake, on this lovely thing we call GSB.

Missy Katie Toothpick is quite honestly one of the most brilliantly lovely and awesomely interesting sorts you or me will ever meet. All those people with eyebrows for brains that claim it is impossible to maintain a proper friendship with someone you’ve met on the internet are clearly talking out of their wrong ends, because I’ve met a couple of my closest friends on here, and I consider her to be one of them. I joined GSB well over a year ago, terrified of everyone else who at the time seemed scary and close-knit, and whilst hovering about on the games forums, I found someone, who, to my surprise was also from Leeds, so yay for Yorkshireness for bringing us together and such.

Since then we’ve met up a couple of times in town, investigating pound shops and photobooths (with jam) and being stalked by the nutter with a clipboard and funny hair who told us our Tshirts rocked. O___o And we sort of met Russell Brand walked past us! Eeeee, what a grin. I can’t count the times you’ve made me smile and the madly random times we’ve had (omg stardolls!), and without you I’ve have probably never considered watching the Boosh to see what it was like, (ahhh!) and I also may not have discovered the utter wonderfulness that are the dear Robots in Disguise.
Oh Merci merci. And without us, no one would have Tennant Minis! : P

Ahh, I don’t half go on. Stuff Frank, talk to Kate, she’s bloody amazing, srsly.




Ohai there.
This is Anneliese, aka THE BRIGHTSIDE. I'm really epic.

I want to do a little thing going on about how awesome this little child is, but one, I can't think of any words that could possibly even begin to do her justic, and two, you should all know that shizz by now anyway.


Dictionary definition (thanks to Dictionary.com for their help):
No results found for kateh:
Did you mean kate (in dictionary) or Kateh (in reference)?

That pretty much sums her up. Well, or this:

1. A female who infests every Elliot Minor mosh pit in existence.
2. A creature of the darkness; barbecues small children in exchange for Teddy Hetherton kisses
3. Witty; creative; friendly (despite aforementioned personality traits)
4. One who whiles away their days by writing hot Elliot Minor stories obscene graphic but still unbelieveably awesome omgomgomgomgomgomgomg -squeal- smutty but who ever said that was a bad thing? stories about really hot certain bandmembers.
5. A mythical dragon that is actually Vince from The Mighty Boosh

Kateh has always given the best profile comments ever. Back in the ol' days when I wasn't such a GSB hermit I could rely on her amazing comments to await after a boring day at school. She'd tolerate me on MSN even though I'd always get distracted and she made my year by making me an awesome sign with her pretty face in it. Kateh is seriously one of the funnest people around, and I honestly mean that. She has the awesomest awesomest awesomest taste in EVERYTHING!! She was the one who got me into Elliot Minor (but she still needs to tell that band to do something in Australia wtf Finger ) and sparked my curiosity when I saw she was into something called 'The Mighty Boosh'. So I watched it and fell in love.


Kateh ilyilyilyilyily lots and lots and I'm sorry my profile contribution couldn't be very meaningful. But, because I'm extremely original, I made you this:


And for oldtimes' sake, this:


SHHHHH I be The Ninja hackin Kate. Smiley
Very Happy
So Anyway, I'd like to say that I love Kate more than I love Johnny Depp. And that's saying something. Like, alot. If you knew me, which you don't, you'd know that I am in love with Johnny Depp. And I love Kate more than that. Con
So take that world. Orvil
uhmm, so yeah, Kate is awesome and stuff...and if you mess with her I'm going to come and kill you. Retard
So uh...



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