Leeds Rhinos vs Hull FC

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Leeds Rhinos 42 - 10 Hull FC

I’ve never been to Headingley* in this weather. The entire day had been plagued by on-off torrential downpour and although the grass probably benefitted from the early rain neither team would.

Kicking off to ‘Marching On Together’*, Hull FC kicked off beneath a rainbow that had formed across the stadium. First mistake went to the Rhinos giving Hull the scrum*, followed by a goal line drop out* which gave Hull the position advantage. Not able to capitalise, Leeds quickly regained the ball but not for long due to a strong tackle on Leeds’ captain, Kevin Sinfield. Hull grew in confidence but a misjudged kick gave Rhinos the possessions. Kylie Leuluai got the distance and Sinfield got the kick across, allowing Jones-Buchanan to score the first try* of the game, with Sinfield adding the extra 2 with a successful conversion*.

First penalty* of the game came from interference*, giving Leeds the advantage, but only gaining a goal line drop out after a Sinfield kick is put out of play. A second penalty was given for holding down* giving the Rhinos another set of 6* but a forward pass meant the possession went back to the Early Birds*.

Following a back and forth between the teams, Hull broke free, but following a strong Leeds’ tackle, Hull lost the ball through a knock on*, giving Leeds possession and another penalty, which was kicked through by Sinfield for another 2 points, for an 8-0 advantage.

Hull quickly gained the ball, making a break down the pitch, quickly ended by Jamie Peacock, but due to a bad tackle Hull got their first penalty of the game, giving them a strong advantage as they tried to cross the goal line, but only gaining a goal line drop out.

It wasn’t a bad result for Hull who gained a second penalty for interference, gaining ground and allowing Danny Tickle to reach the goal line to score a potential try. Referred to the video ref*, it wasn’t given, but a penalty was instead.

Continuing on with no drama, a Hull knock on gave Leeds the scrum advantage, quickly followed by a penalty after a holding down* offence against them. It was not capitalised on due to a knock on by Leeds, causing the possession to once again switch. Within minutes a Leeds attempt at intercept gave Hull another scrum advantage.

The possession switched back to Leeds due to a misjudged kick, but Ryan Hall’s second knock on of the game gave Hull their third scrum in a row. No advantage was gained, with the Rhinos regaining possession quickly and being given a penalty for their efforts. A second penalty followed due to interference, blocking Rob Burrow from scoring Leeds’ second try of the game.

It didn’t matter; a pass to the outside found an open Ben Jones-Bishop who simply ran forward to score the Rhinos’ second try, following a pass from Brent Webb; conversion missed by Sinfield.

Hull gained advantage with another penalty, shortly followed by a goal line drop out. Hull could not reach the ball as it bounced on the pitch, going out of play and giving Leeds the scrum. Webb gained the ball close to the goal line, scoring aside the posts with 2 minutes left of the half; Sinfield easily got the conversion, putting his team 18-0 in front.

Half Time Score: Leeds Rhinos 18 “ 0 Hull FC.

‘Marching On Together’ playing around the field, injury halted the game after 18 seconds when an accidental injury left a Hull player covered in blood after receiving a gash in a head collision. It didn’t seem to affect the visitors who claimed a penalty shortly after. This gave Hull the energy needed to score; Richard Whiting crossing the line, receiving injuries as Leeds tried to prevent the try through a heavy (but legal) tackle. Danny Tickle made the conversion to bring the score to 18-6.

Hull tried to take advantage of their new found determination, but a forward pass gave Leeds a scrum and possession. Within quick succession two penalties gave Leeds the encouragement needed for Weller Hauraki to put the ball over the line, with Sinfield kicking his 4th goal to put the point difference back to 18 with a score of 24 “ 6.

Mistakes were made by Hull as they grew frustrated, their offside* stance giving Leeds advantage once again. A forward pass by Leeds allowed Hull to gain possession, getting a goal line drop out after a strong kick. A knock on meant Leeds got the scrum, unable to gain advantage from simply picking the ball off the ground.

Will Sharp collected a Sinfield kick, breaking through the Leeds line, but found himself unable to break through the second line of defence. His team mates made good ground, but Hall caught the kick on the 5th tackle. Within a few swift movements from Clarkson and Hall the ball moved across to Sinfield, allowing him to race down the length of the pitch and make the try beneath the sticks, Burrow a pace behind him to offer all the support needed to allow the Leeds captain to score. It became the easiest kick of the night for Sinfield who added the extra 2 points; 30 “ 6, with just over 20 minutes to go.

With play restarted Jones-Bishop made good ground for Leeds but slipped and was unable to score as he clashed with the Hull defence.

Hull seemed visibly frustrated as Leeds broke forward once again, gaining value ground. A mistake from Hull defence even allowed Leuluai to cross the line but a late save meant that he was held up.

Lauaki (of Hull) and Hauraki (of Leeds) clashed in a rough tackle, giving Leeds a penalty, allowing them to nearly gain more points following a Zak Hardacre near try; disallowed following interference.

It didn’t matter to Leeds though. Jones-Bishop broke free, tackle just short of his line. Danny McGuire kicked the ball forward, Hardacre nearly scoring his first try of the game, prevented only by Tickle. The goal line drop out was followed by a Leeds penalty, with Tickle preventing Sinfield this time from scoring a try from a McGuire kick.

Hull got a penalty, but quickly lost the ball, allowing Leeds to gain possession after it was simply dropped, dangerously in their own half. The Rhinos could still not score, the ball going out of play to allow Hull to gain possession back with a scrum.

With 10 minutes to go, Hull were still making mistakes. A knock on gave Leeds a scrum on their 30m line, shortly followed by a Leeds penalty through more mistakes from the Early Birds. Deciding to play instead of taking the 2 points, McGuire got the ball, scoring his 200th try for Leeds; with Sinfield kicking to take the score line up to.36-6.

Will Sharp stopped a Leeds break, allowing Hull to gain possession. It was inevitable that Leeds would win, but Hull were still playing for pride, causing Leeds to make a mistake and give the visitors the scrum; the advantage was taken and played, Tom Briscoe scoring for Hull even with the force of Jones-Bishop trying to prevent him; Tickle narrowly avoiding the conversion, to bring the score to 36- 10 with just over 3 minutes on the clock.

It didn’t stop Hull mistakes though; a forward pass gave Leeds the scrum, close to the Hull line as the heavens opened up. The slippery grass allowed Ryan Bailey to have enough momentum to cross the line and rub a little more salt in Hull’s wounds, as he scored his second try in 4 years, making him the 7th try scorer of the match. Scoring his 7th goal (out of 8 attempts) the score rose to 42-10; 20 seconds left on the clock.

Hall gave Hull possession due to his knock on, but with 15 seconds on the clock there was no coming back. The Leeds fans began to count down; the hooter sounded and the match came to a close in favour of the Rhinos.

Final Score: Leeds Rhinos 42 “ 10 Hull FC.

*Glossary Of Terms [In Order Of Appearance]:

Headingley: Leeds’ home ground. Also the home ground of the rugby union team, ‘Leeds Carnegie’. The North stand of the stadium is the South stand of Headingley Cricket Ground’s stadium.

Marching On Together: Leeds’ sport song. It is technically Leeds United AFC’s song, but the rugby community have adopted the song from their footballing cousins and it is played at the start of every match at Headingley.

Scrum: An ordered formation of players in which the forwards of each team push against up against each other with arms interlocked and heads down and the ball is thrown in to restart play

Goal-line drop out: Every member of the defending team must be behind the kicker and the tryline when the kick is taken. The ball must travel at least 10 metres forward.

Try: When the ball is put down (with sufficient control and force) in the scoring area. Worth 4 points.

Conversion: Following a try, the team attempts to kick between the posts. It is kicked the same distance out that the try was scored. Worth 2 points.

Penalty: After a foul is committed, the team may choose to take distance advantage or to kick a goal and score 2 points.

Interference: A player has prevented a tackle by blocking a player, meaning he can not reach the player with the ball.

Set Of Six: Each team has six attempts at scoring (5 tackles) before the ball switches possession. This count can be reset by a kick or if the opposing team have contact with the ball.

Early Birds: Nickname for Hull FC.

Knock on: When the ball moves forward, but not due to a mistimed pass.

Video Ref: The game has 4 officials. A referee, 2 touch line judges and a video ref. The video ref only comes into use when asked to by the referee to rule on a decision on which the referee feels he can not make based on his view of the game.

Holding Down: Following a tackle, a defensive player is said to be ‘holding down’ if he prevents the attacker from getting up after a period of time.

Offside: It’s pretty complicated…

(Hopefully this blog hasn’t bored you to death xD Apologies if it has).
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