Keep your head high, stay strong and keep moving on

New years is a major time in everyones life where they look back and contrast this year to the last, measure up the happy times as well as the sad and pretty much evaluate their year as a whole, trying to figure out what things to do to make the coming year even better.

***last years NYE***
I was at my uncles house I'd never even met before. I thought to myself "I hope next year is 1000x better than this year cuz right now I'm depressed and want to kill myself, nothing's going right, my friends hate me, my family hates me, life takes so much effort but I'm getting absolutely nothing in return."

***this new years***

I took a look at my life. I didn't even have to take a proper one when I couldn't help looking to the sky and thanking God for giving me my miracle. Happiness.

Everything I asked for this year had been granted this year. That was my new years resolution, to end this year happy, and I got it alright.

I actually talk to my family, I actually have conversations with my dad, I made new friends who make me happy and actually care about me with out even loosing many on the way, and had life-changing milestone experiences.

I can turn around and say yeah my life isn't perfect, but I love every single thing God gave me in it. I won't take it for granted ever again.

Anyway, my conclusion is that there's a miracle out there for everyone, and I know that it's so hard to do when you're depressed, but there's an optimistic side to almost EVERYTHING and once you're happy enough to look at the bright side again, you'll realize how stupid you where to ever loose it.

Even now I'll get depressed here and there, but I never let it get to me as badly as it did before, because depression is something I wouldn't let hit my worst enemy. I've realized it's up to ME whether I wanna be happy with myself. It's not anyone else's decision or fault to whether I'm happy or upset anymore.

I'll link you to one of the most inspirational video's ever. Even if I'm slightly upset, I'll watch this video and remember to keep my head up. Seriously it's worth a watch, it's really powerful. Many of you have probably seen it from Rocky 6.

Remember, as Christina Aguilera sang, "keep your head high, stay strong and keep moving on" =)
Posted on January 1st, 2008 at 09:28pm


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