Three Reasons for Dreams

When I was a kid I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to be when I got old. But when I reached a certain age there was no doubt what I wand to be. I wanted to be an actor, that became my dream, one I'm going to acheive. And there are three people I have to thank for that dream:
-Johnny Depp
-Ian Mckellen
-Heath Ledger
When I watched movies with those three actors in them, I'd be inspired, nothing could bring me down, I never though twice about what I wanted to do. Those three people were my idols, they still are, and when a teenage kid gets an idol they always make the mistake of thinking that these people are untouchable.
I think its pretty obvious why Im writing this, yesterday, January 22nd 2008, Heath Ledger passed away. His life was tragically cut short at approximately 3:30 as time flows in New York City. He was found by a housekeeper and a massuer, lying face down in his bedroom. There were sleeping pills on his bedside table, but it wasn't suicide... it can't have been.
It's an odd feeling I've got, I never met this man, I only ever saw him in movies, in interviews or being hounded by the paparazzi. But now he's gone I feel such sorow, he changed my life without even knowing that I existed, he created a dream for me, one that's gonna shape my whole life and changed who I am.
I made a stupid little promise to myself when I knew I wanted to be an actor. When I get famous I was gonna meet these three men and thank them, I was fairly sure that wouldn't happen with Ian Mckellen, he's not gonna be around forever, but if he did pass away before I met him, I was gonna put a letter I've already written on his grave, kinda stupid I know, but I guess I'm gonna have to write another letter now...
I'm gonna go see the new Batman, Heath Ledger plays the Joker, I wonder if when I walk out of the movie whether I'll still be inspired, I wonder if anything will be able to bring me down? Or will I miss someone I never knew, will I cry for a man I never met, one thing I know for sure... My dreams will never change, and I'll stil have three great men to thank for that.
Posted on January 23rd, 2008 at 06:30am


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