Who Adopted Us?

ok guys i reedited my story .i fixed it cause i posted it on mibba.com like poeple told me to so ya just read it so i could be happy.

(chapter 1)

One day Tabitha and I know as Taz are just chilling outside. Tab and I have been friends since the beginning for you see we are both orphans. My parents were murdered. Tab never told me what happened to hers. Tab and I were always together. I do not know what I would do without her. Tab is from England and I was from America but that did not stop us from being close. We both love punk rock music and are favorite bands are Green Day and My Chemical Romance and a lot more. We both have been in this hell place for about 5 years im around 17 and tab is 16 I thought by the time I was 10 I was with a new family. However, I was wrong.Anyways back to the story...Tab and I are talking.

“So Taz got any new stories to tell today?”

I said “Nope not at the moment but I can tell you about my dream I had last night”

Tab laughed and I told her my dream about I was adopted by Tre’cool and Billie Joe adopted her. Tab loved the way my dreams are always with Green Day or MCR.

A group of preppy girls start walking towards us.

I sighed “Oh great here we go again ...Someone is looking for round two I see”

*The preppy girls come up to us and one picks me up by my shirt.*

Brandy said, “Ok you emo kids this is now our spot so get the hell out and go somewhere else before I have to hurt this little midget again like last time.”

The first time I meet brandy and her gang they did not like me at all and they all ganged up on me, broke three of my ribs, and dislocated my fingers.

Tab said, “Hmm how about...No ok, just for once go and pick on someone else but Taz and me”

Brandy and the tramps all look at us, they have evil grins, and I knew what they were going to do.

Brandy whistled and they attacked Tab and I, kicked the shit out of us, yelled, and screamed.

Someone kicked me in the head hard and I blacked out.

(chapter 2)

A day later.

I wake up in my bed and I find that I cannot move my right arm or my right leg.

“Great more bones to heal” I sighed.

*Tab comes running in like if something bad just happened*

Tab said, “Taz you won’t believe this. I think Billie Joe and tre’cool are here.

I got up and my arm and my leg hurt like a bitch but I needed to see for myself if they were here.

I went downstairs hoping on my good leg and looked around for them. I did not see them but then someone tap me on the head and I turned around and saw a pair of blue eyes I have seen many times on TV. Tre’cool was looking dead at me in the eyes.

Tre said, “Hello how are you? If im not mistaken you must be Vanessa also know as Taz”.

I could not believe my eyes Tab stood beside me and slapped my face to wake me up. I look at her and I turned beat red.

I said “Hi Tre im good and yes im Taz. Can I ask you something? What are two rock stars like you and Billie Joe doing in a place like this?

Billie comes over, Tab turns beat red and I laugh, and she gives me that evil glare that says “Hey I didn’t laugh at you when you turned beat red back off”.

Tre and Billie looked at each other and nodded there heads.

Billie “Ok guys I think we have decided that you two are coming with us and living like rockstars”.
(chapter 3)

Billie “Ok guys I think we have decided that you two are coming with us and living like rock stars”.

Tab and I smile and hug Tre and Billie Joe.Tre and Billie bothed laughed.

Tre said, “Ok you two go get your shit ready we got paper work to do”.

*Tab and I went upstairs and saw that the gang of brandy was right there waiting for us.*

Brandy said “Well isn’t this a cute site Tab and the retard are going nuts for some guys that are faggots”.

I yelled at her “There not fucking faggots there fucking rock stars you take that back you fucking preppy bitches”.

After that comment, they got mad as hell and once again world war 3 broke out and I was already damaged from the fight before and they all threw me down the stairs in front of Tre and Billie. My lip was bleeding and it felt like my insides were swollen.

Tre said, “Holy shit Taz you alright *picks me up* dam you got the hell beaten out of you come on lets clean you up.”

Tab is still upstairs the gang never bothers her only I for no reason at all. Therefore, Tab packed everything up and I was cleaned up by Tre.

(chapter 4)

*An hour later*

I was already in the car with my ipod on blasting and Billie was putting our stuff in the car. Tab was sitting next to me and she saw my face expression that said “God I will kill them one day I hope they die a horrible death so I can laugh in there faces”.

Tre and Billie get in the car and Billie drives to our new home. Tre looks back at me, sees my expression, and tells me to sit with him in the front. Therefore, I do and he wraps his arms around me and lays his head on me. For any Green Day fan, this would be a dream come true but I was not in a good mood so I let him and after awhile I feel asleep on him. When I woke up, I was in a room and all my stuff was in different parts of the room. I got up and I could not really walk so I limped my way to the door and open it. I checked around and started to look around the new house. The first room I went to was Tre’s.I knew that cause it was all messy and somehow it has a small drum set in the room. Then someone tap me from behind and I nearly had a heart attack and turned around to find tre smiling at me. I was still in a pissed off/depressed mood and Tre saw that.

“Hey its ok you are home now no more getting beat up by those assholes ok your safe with me”

I smiled and hugged Tre and thank him for adopting me. He laughed and gave me a tour of the house and told me that I could use his drums since Tab told him I wanted to be a drummer. I could not believe that I get to play with a real live drum set.

“Hey you want something to eat I got some MacDonald’s in the kitchen if you want some”.

I nodded and hoped my way downstairs into the kitchen where a bag of nuggets and fries was waiting for me. I ate all of it and saw Tre was watching me eat and he laughs. I gave him a look.

“Don’t laugh at me I haven’t eaten anything in days I hardly eat anything over there” I said with a sad face on.

Tre sighs, shakes his head, picks me up, and takes me to Billie house where tab is playing with Joey and Jacob.
(chapter 5)

Tab looks at me and smiles. I smiled back and sat down, Billie throws a ball at my head, and I turn around, take the ball, and throw at him back. We keep throwing the ball around until a huge dog comes running in, takes the ball, and runs out. I look at Billie and he grins.

Billie said “Oh ya that’s Joeys dog don’t worry he is friendly we also have three birds and a cat which is right next to you”.

I said “Oh I see that’s cool I like dogs and cats and birds but can I ask why I was brought here?” Tre and Billie grin at each other.

Billie “well Taz Tab here has been telling me about your drumming skills mind showing us a song or two”

*I look at Tab and sigh and got up with the help of Joey and Jacob and hop my way to the drum set Billie had in the basement*

“Well you see i'm not that great I only know about parts of the songs and I only play by ear so if I mess up don’t yell at me” I said as I got the drum sticks and started to play are we the waiting. Everyone was watching me and singing the song. I finished the song and everyone clasped.

“Whoa that was awesome you are defiantly Tre’s daughter there’s no doubt about that my friend” Billie said with a huge smile on his face.

I smiled shyly and I hop off and sat back down. Joey and Jacob sat down next to me and started to ask a million questions about me mostly what my life like as an orphanage was. Three hours later Tre had to get Frankito from school so he left for a while. I started to think what Frankito would think of me since he does not know who I am or why I am here.

*Tre’cool Point of View*

I had left Billie’s house to pick up my 7-year-old son Frankito. I wonder how Frankito would react since I just adopted a 17-year-old girl. I parked my SUV in front of the school and waited five minutes for Frankito to get out from school. I saw him and honked my horn so he would know where I was. He smiled and points my car to his teacher. She nodded, and let him come to the car. I opened the car and let him in.

Frankito said “Hey daddy look what I made in school today.” *shows a picture of stick people labeled Frankito and daddy*

I smiled and said, “That’s so cool buddy I will put this with the rest of the pictures”.

(chapter 6)

I drove back to Billie’s house and Frankito jumped out and ran inside. I swear this kid was more like me everyday. I went inside and Frankito was playing with Jacob. I look around and saw that Tab and Taz was talking in the kitchen with Billie and Mike.

I called Taz over and told her to stay right beside me. Therefore, she did and then I told Frankito to get over here and he ran to me and stopped when he saw Taz.

“Daddy who is that girl next to you?”

“Frankito this is Vanessa or Taz she is your sister I adopted her today”

Frankito was lost so I explained to him everything.Taz was a little shy so I made her play with Frankito for a while until they got to understand each other. An hour later, I went into joey’s room and saw that Frankito, Taz, Joey and Jacob were all playing games and having fun. I told Taz and Frankito it was time to leave so they said bye to everyone and that we will see them tomorrow for the intonation (sp?) of Taz becoming a permitted cool family member. Therefore, when we got home Frankito was tired so I put him to bed and Taz was in the kitchen munching on some junk food.

I said, “Hey Taz I want to thank you for being nice to Frankito but I just want to warn you he is like me in every way possible. Is there anything I could do for you?”

Taz looked at me and with a smile on her face she said, “Tre you have done the one thing I always wanted a loving warm home and that’s all I ever wanted in my life.” I was happy that Taz knew she was going to be in a home where should was never going to be afraid ever again.
(chapter 7)


Taz looked at me and with a smile on her face she said, “Tre you have done the one thing I always wanted a loving warm home and that’s all I ever wanted in my life.” I was happy that Taz knew she was going to be in a home where should was never going to be afraid ever again. After two hours of talking Taz got tired and went to bed. I went to bed myself and knew tomorrow was going to be the best day ever.
*End Of Recap*

*The Next Day*

*Taz Point Of View*

I got up and saw that the sun was shinning and there were no clouds out. I knew today was the day I was going to be with my real family. I got out of bed, went into the gym area, and saw a treadmill. I knew already tre would not mind me using it for a little while so I put it on high speed and began to run as fast as I could. I had my ipod on songs that got me ready for anything. An hour later, I felt that I should stop because I knew that someone was watching me. I do not like it when people are behind me and I do not know who it is. Therefore, I slowly stop and turned around to see that it was only Mike with a huge camera in his hand. I blushed and looked at him.

“Mike how the fuck did you get in here and how long have you been standing there with that camera?” Mike laughed and turned the camera off and said “for about a half hour I can’t believe you were running that long and not noticed me. You should be tired after running for that long.” I got off the treadmill and drank some water that Mike brought for me.

“So today is the day you become a member of the cool family this must mean a lot to you since you haven’t been with a real family in a very long time.”

I sighed and went upstairs to take a shower and put my normal cloths on. I noticed that my leg was better I guess from all that running. I went into the kitchen and mike was drinking his favorite coffee checked out the fridge and saw that they had cereal.

Therefore, I got myself a bowl and just when I was about to start-eating Frankito, comes running in. frankito says “No what are you doing that’s mine go find you own cereal.”

I sighed, stop eating, left the table, and went to the porch still hungry as hell. I saw tab outside walking with Joey and his dog. Tab and Joey came over and sat down next to me.

Joey said, “Hey what’s wrong mate you look upset about something?”

I sighed and said “Ya I got yelled at by my little brother Frankito he freaked out cause I was about to eat “his” cereal now I nothing to eat for awhile.” Joey sighed, tied his dog up, went inside, and talks to Frankito, then Frankito comes out with a sad face on, and his shirt was soaked im guessing he was crying or Joey pushed him in the pool.

“Im sorry Taz I didn’t mean to yell at you I got off the wrong side of bed that’s all can you forgive me?” I looked at him and nodded my head and he gave me a huge hug and then Joey came out with my cereal and I began to eat and gave some to my little brother.

An hour later Tre was downstairs trying to find the perfect tie to go with his suite. I asked if he needed help and he nodded his head and I began to look through his tie collection. Five minute’s mater I found a brown tie that goes with his brown suite. I smiled at me and put it on. He patted my head like if I was a dog so I barked and started to run around the room barking and shaking my pretend tail. Tab and Joey die laughing and Tab records it on her phone that Billie got her yesterday. After a few minutes of running around it was time to go to the courthouse and get the papers signed. I sat in the front as Frankito sat in the back with his toys. I tried to stay calm as possible during the ride over to the courthouse.

(chapter Cool

Once we got into the courthouse, I started to feel a bit nervous because this was my first family that I was going to stay with for the rest of my life.Frankito kept me busy until it was our turn to see the judge. A half hour later the wait was over, Tre, and I enter the courtroom and Frankito sat down on the benches. We both walked up to the judge and she was old and ugly looking she was glaring at me. I kept my head down cause I have a bad problem when it comes to looking at people dead in the eyes and try not to smile. The judge made us swore in and then asked Tre questions on why he was adopting me and if he was going to be a good parent for me. An hour later Tre finally signed the papers and I was officially Vanessa Wright (cool).I was happy and hugged Tre and Frankito. Frankito jumped on my back and I carried him out of the courtroom. A bunch of flashing cameras were right there the moment we stepped out of the courthouse.Frankito got scared and I hid his face and Tre tried to push the people so we can leave. I knew this was going to be all over the internet and magazines. I shook my head and we got into the car and drove home. When we got home, I was bored so I went to Billie’s house and talk to Tab about what had happen at the courthouse.

As I suspected I turned on the news, I was right there holding Frankito on my back. Tre seems a little pissed off at the cameras and knock a camera operator down cause he was getting too close to Frankito and me. Therefore, after awhile I went back to my house and went into the kitchen to find a note.

Note: Dear Taz Mike took Frankito to the store for a while and I am going to New York to visit Ramona I will be back in a few days I made sure there is enough food for you and little frank just do not burn the house down-Tre.

I sighed and went upstairs and decided to move some stuff in my room. After that was done, I went on the computer for a while and check my mail. I got bored so I went downstairs to watch some movies. Ten minutes later Mike came back with a sleeping Frankito in his arms. I smiled and Mike went upstairs and put Frankito to bed. Mike came back down and sat next to me and we both watch the Simpson movie.

(chapter 9)

One year later

Well life as a cool is great. My dad is always making me laugh and I have finally gotten over my fear of meeting new people. I am just chilling with Frankito drinking sodas under a huge tree watching the clouds go by and Tab, Joey and Jacob are playing in the backyard having fun. Ya we all are just enjoying life. Just as I thought, nothing in this world could go wrong the worst thing happen and it would scar me for life...
(chapter 10)

Im walking down the street with Tab and we stop by the park for a while to chill. I notice something was not right because no one was really in the park. So anyways after awhile we both got bored and started to walk home. That is when it happened. A car going at least 90 miles an hour hit us both. I was in the front so I was hit first. Tab was lucky and was only pushed by me on the floor.

“Ahh shit...Taz wake up. Someone gets me a fucking ambulance here right now” Tab yelled at anyone as I was already bleeding from the side of my face. Blood was dripping from the back of my head. Tab was crying and someone called the ambulance to come and the driver drove off. They took me to the hospital and tab called everyone.Tre was really scared and so was Frankito.Tab tried to explain to the cops what had happen and what the driver look like.

Tre said trying not to explode on anyone “I swear if I ever find out who did this I will kill them and make sure they never mess with me or my daughter EVER AGAIN”.
*Taz Point Of View*

I did not know what was going on. One minute I was crossing the street the next it felt like a truck hit me. After what felt like forever, I opened my eyes and saw everything was white.

I thought “Oh great I died and hopefully this is heaven”

I saw someone standing near me and I tried to make something move but I felt like someone was on me. I tried to see better but my vision was blurry. Then I heard someone calling my name but sounded like they were crying.

Tre said, “Taz can you hear me it’s me daddy.Dont worry baby im right here. Everything is fine.

I jumped and started to shake, the beeping from the machines went off, and Tre was surprised and tried to calm me down and started to sing in my ear. After a while, I finally calm down and look at Tre. His face was red from crying and he was still holding me like if I was a three year old.

I muttered, “What is going on? What happen? Where is everyone?”

Tre told me what had happened to me and that I was rushed into the emergency room for surgery since I was dieing from so much blood lost. I was surprised that I was still alive.

Tre said “im glad your ok everyone was worried especially Tab and Frankito.You saved Tabs life cause you pushed her out of the cars way. Should I get her right now she is dieing to see you. Well so is everyone but Tab the most.

I nodded my head slowly, Tre walks out the door and called for Tab, and she ran in and looks at me. Her face lights up and she hugged me to death. I laughed and hugged back.

Tab said, “Taz you fucking scared the shit out of me. I thought you died. God I am glad you are not dead. I would not be here right now.”

I sighed “Tab I told you this many this many times before as long as I have people like you and my family I cant die.”

She shakes her head and lightly hits me on the shoulder and we both laugh.

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