GSB Cliques.

I think we've decided that cliques exist on GSB.

Here are some of the main ones. There WILL be more, I just can't think today.

Thanks to Funky Platypus for helping me with this.

Clique One : The ones that don't like Green Day, more into underground punk. They generally really like making their own clothes, quite cool. Nearly explode whenever anything mainstream is mentioned. Generally would not get on with me, at all. Possibly straight-edge...

Clique Two : The Journal Whores: 30 Blah Blah's a day about sex. Girls. Tend to love each other a bit too much. Are very, very GSB popular.

Clique Three : The Occasional Boy: Male. Every journal or blog they make gets about ninety comments, even if it's shit. Possibly the most popular of them all.

Clique Four - The Mods. They have authority! *bows down* These are alright, actually.

Clique Five : The Nice Girls. Can be found online at 4-6PM generally. Like cool stuff. Are funny and LOIK REALLY COOLZ. I love them, but don't really think I'm one of them.

Clique Six The Sarcastics - Mostly intelligent. Kind of like the "other" people on GSB. When people argue over stupid stuff, that's when they aren't serious.

Clique Seven The Emo Kids. These are the MCR/FOB fans, mainly. They post a lot of pictures...

Clique Eight Dujo. He's in a group of his own Very Happy
Posted on February 11th, 2007 at 07:44pm


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