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I believe I have a friend who needs some help. It may just be me being paranoid but it still worries me.
My friend Steph has lately been, well the only real nice way to put this is that lately she is being a slut.
At our swimming carnival she was cuddling up with this one boy and I have no idea what they were doing under the towel but I do remember seeing her touching her boobs and ass and trying to feel her up. It all just sounds like harmless fun but the truth is, is that it isn't because the boy who was doing this has a girlfriend and his girlfriend hates my friend.
There is also a rumour going around that she gave the some boy a head job. I have no idea as what to believe because she told my friend Phil, last night that she did it and then Phil told me.
I have no idea as to why Steph would make this up and as to why she'd tell Phil and Corey that.
She may have told Phil and Corey that just so she looks all good but using Jayden's name as the boy was a stupid act because Phil is friends with Jayden's girlfriend. And yes today Phil told Jayden's girlfriend and now Jayden's girlfriend, who is one of my best friends, is extremely angry and Steph and told me that she will hurt her until she is in hospital. This has gotten out of hand. Jayden is now very angry at Steph and so is Jayden's girlfriend and Jayden's girlfriend is also angry at Jayden but not so much anymore and she is also angry at Phil, but technically she shouldn't be angry at Phil seeing as Phil told her. It's good he actually did because if this is true then atleast they would of been caught.
Last night Stephanie was also making out with some boy who is either in year 9,10 or 11, that doesn't seem that bad but that's all she told me because she was suppose to give him head as well.
I'm actually scared for Stephanie's saftey because if she keeps going the way she is she will soon lose her virginity and most likely become pregnant or get some disease or something.

Anyone with any advice would be much appreciated.
Posted on February 17th, 2008 at 12:59am


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