To Clear Some Things Up

I'm sick to death of people going on and on about how Green Day isn't 'punk'.

Let's get some things straight:
+Green Day grew up in that scene, and I can guarantee the majority of us on GSB haven't.
+One thing I'm sure we can all agree on is that punk is supposedly about not following the crowd, thinking outside the box, not following the rules, and staying true to yourself. Right? Right. Well, I think the fact that there are rules/guidelines to the whole being considered 'punk' thing is a bit hypocritical.

But hey- if that whole doing your own thing and what YOU want to do as opposed to what's expected of you is one of said rules/guidelines, that would, in fact, make Green Day 'punk'. They've always done what they wanted, made their music the way THEY wanted, and just because it's DIFFERENT from what past punk bands sounded like, doesn't mean it isn't punk. In fact, that would technically MAKE it punk, would it not? Deal with it.

And as for Green Day's new album taking so long:
A.) They're only human, they DO need breaks sometimes, and who are WE to say how long of a break they may or may not need? We'll get the album when they're good and ready for it to be released.

B.) They won't release something that they consider to be mediocre, if they don't think it's the best they can do, they won't release it. Why do you think they decided to scrap Cigarettes and Valentines after it was stolen in lue of writing an entirely new album?

C.) Inspiration. If they don't have any; they can't make music. Sometimes it takes time to be inspired.

D.) They're an incredible band, and just because some impatient people don't think the album will be worth the wait- that doesn't matter, because Green Day WILL find it worth it, as well many of their other fans.

E.) They experiment with their sound, always have, just because they said they had some songs that may sound Clash-like doesn't mean they're being unoriginal, it's JUST a comparison to give an idea. And those songs might not even MAKE it to the new album. Get over it.
Posted on February 12th, 2007 at 06:53pm


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