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yim? what's a yim?
Is the root of... some evil


This profile looks best when using a layout where this part is black. A.K.A you can't read this without highlighting.

I take care to make sure people are aware of these things :] may i introduce to you...

A teenager from the north of England. Nothing much more. Nothing much less.

We first encounter Abigail at age twelve, when the social scene of Green Day fans with which she associated with at the time were in spasms about a site with stories about thier favourite band, often involving kinky sex. She was, say it emphatically now, there.

Several years on and she has drifted away and to and away again from the hallowed Gee Ess Bee, returning again like the prodigal daughter after being banned from Mibba (still not accepting it as permenant - they have to give a respected, mature writer a second chance on a petty rule that they didn't know existed, surely), to find that it was somewhere where, unlike Mibba, nobody that she knew in that fabled state, 'RL', resided. Therefore, she can say whatever the fuck she pleases on the Blahs. Yippedy-yay.

She keeps the blogs that she wrote long ago up. For posterity.

...Oh, what's the point of listing all the bands she likes, for you all to do the mental checklist in your minds of the ones you have in common. She likes lotsa stuff.
At the time of writing she finds herself somehow inable to listen to anything but Morrisey and The Smiths.
If she could somehow be converted from a human being into the music of a certain band, that band would be the Smashing Pumpkins.
Green Day are what got her into modern rock music. They need a fucking trophy.
My Chemical Romance are everything that she loves in a band. Gerard Way is everything she loves in a person - it's not a teenie crush, think Mark David Chapman for John Lennon. She's morphed pretty far into a ridiculous, female, unusually long-haired version of him - and at the time of writing, she's not going to stop it yet. It's not healthy, but it's lovely escapism.

She doesn't like MSN. Don't add her. She won't talk to you. Properly.

Don't take it personally, mind. MSN is something of a social neccesity, and decent conversations can only be held on there by people who know each other well enough to either second-guess each other's meanings and emotions, or talk about meaningless, hilarious shit for hours on end in bitesized writing format.

Cynical. Hypocritical. Fantasist. Annoying. Egotistical. Lazy.
Creative. Empathatic. Prolific. Amusing. Adaptable. Loyal.
Pshh. Fuck it.

And now I know how Joan Of Arc felt...
________________________As the flames rose to her roman nose and her walkman started to melt.

________________________Bigmouth strikes again...


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