The At-School me vs. The At-Home me

I'm two totally different people. I swear. Its rather odd. When I'm at home I tend to stay to myself and be quiet. But at school I'm exuberant and loud, crazy and talkative. I'm also like that when I'm with friends. I act stupid, dumb almost, maybe even blonde. I know I'm not like that, I'm actually intelligent.

The people of my home life don't know the at school me. Same goes for the school people. Sometimes at school I'll break out of my at-school-me-ness and act like I do at home. "Are you okay? You seem depressed. Wanna talk about it?" Nup. Just being the real me. I'm so confused about .. everything. Eeurgh. At home I like to read and listen to music, but at school I like to be with people. Anyone. Everyone. The only class that I'm myself in is Visual Art. But other than that, in Integrated Tech, Math and Geography I'm the crazy me. AARRGH!
Posted on March 12th, 2008 at 05:30pm


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