Remembering the Extremes

As i was lying in my bed last night i thought of why certain bands are remembered for so long. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, so on and so on and it is that they are extreme. Now i'm not saying that they are crazy with there playing or anything like that but they push the envelope. Enough so that it seems extreme. Now of course you hear bands that are great and really different but are not loved like those select few that made it. While i'm on the subject of "making it" i will add that these people also take those people who went to the extreme, took it, and ran with it (hair metal anyone?). I cannot think of a good example of an extreme that made it and another extreme that didn't but i assure you i will in a moment.... the only way i can think of at the moment is Metallica and Trivium.
Both of these bands i like but trivium is definitely the underdog in this comparison. Why? Well when metallica came with there speed metal it was a extreme (in more ways than one) and people know this is there style and they will remember it for most of there lives. trivium on the other hand, in my opinion, sounds a lot like metallca. When i say this i do not mean they have no talent or that they are not making it, i am just saying that they are not as big because they did not try to go to an extreme in a new direction.
these are just my opinions here. i just try to focus on one thing here so take it or leave it, believe it or throw it out as deceiving.
Now, take some time to broaden this idea of extremes. Presidents are remembered becuase of the extreme things they did for our country. Why is it thay we remember JFK, the Roosevelts, and Abe Lincoln, etc. but we do not remember James K. Polk, Pierce, and Chester A. Arthur as well? We remember and don;t remember them becuase of the extremes they took. Lincoln freed the slaves and got us through the U.S. Civil War and the others. hell i don;t knwo what they did besides be a president.
Now lets take another example. Space shuttle launches. the first launch was by the russians, being the first in space then coming the U.S. from behind being the first to land on the moon. Why don;t we remember the thousands of launches after? I think you know if you've been reading this blog i have been writing.
You ask why even talk about this? I just thought that perhaps this may help you in life. If attention is what you want, you need to do something out of the ordinary, unorthodox, something to do with outside of the box. Something I didn't talk about much is the negative attention. There is good outside of the box, and a bad outside of the box. An example of bad being the Nazis, the KKK, and president Hoover. The reason i give you young people and some older people these thoughts of mine is so that you may develop your life and take these thoughts with you and hopefully influence you in some way. Whether it be what career you choose, what cults, clubs, societies that you create, pretty much what you do with your life.

this is michael, and these are his thoughts on "extremes"
Posted on March 17th, 2008 at 03:19pm


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