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If there’s one driving force in my life, it’s the pursuit of understanding my own fellow kind. Sometimes we don’t realize that each and every person around us has an individual story to tell that is equally as complicated and interesting as our own.

When I walk down a street, I am nearly overwhelmed by the power of all the stories that are crowding around me. If I could, I’d stop everyone I catch sight of and have them just talk to me, just keep going; no questions, no inhibitions about how I’ll react, because I wish only to listen. The cathartic nature of speaking fluidly to another person who wants to hear is often overlooked.

The first thing I try to remember when I want to scream and hurl things at someone is that everyone believes they have a valid reason for their actions. Hardly anyone acts, at least initially, on the intention of harming anyone- that part just happens upon them when they are mid-plan. I am not justifying cruelty and nor do I condone it; I strive to understand. When you put an active interest in an area, it often makes itself clear to you long before you reach what you thought would be the end.

There is a thick and frayed, oscillating thread dangling above my head that I call comprehension. And I have been pulling and screaming and demanding answers since I discovered its existence. It is likely I will never fully understand those around me, but I can be happy knowing that I have tried. I am no more than a rotted log in our ocean of time; I will be lost when this creased page of history is folded and forgotten; I am one person that has embarked on a fruitless quest for understanding, and I am happy.
Posted on March 26th, 2008 at 09:07pm


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